Research & Development intern @ JuST Institute (4 to 6 months) - Paris

Paris, France
Partial remote possible
1 yrs of exp.
Posted on 11-03-2022
Start : janvier 2023

JuST Institute

We catalyse market development towards Inclusive, Biodiversity, Climate Change Positive Finance. We provide solutions to mainstreaming investments & capacity building.

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Research & Development intern

@ JuST Institute

(4 to 6 months)

What is the JuST Institute?

● The Just Sustainability Transitions Institute (JuST Institute) is a not-for-profit, member-based entity that catalyses market development towards Inclusive, Biodiversity, Climate Change Positive Finance. It produces state-of-the-art methods; it provides products & services for mainstreaming investments & capacity building.

● Our goal is to support the transition the financial sector towards more inclusive finance dedicated to the fight against climate change, support climate change adaption and the preservation of biodiversity.

● We build bridges between the private and public sectors and between conventional and inclusive finance. Our goal is to generate tangible positive impacts for the socio-economic inclusion of small scale producers and rural communities and the ecosystems on which they depend.

● We operate as a social business. We provide products & services and develop business activities for our members and the financial inclusion, and the conventional financial and corporate sector at large.

● We focus our efforts primarily on the most vulnerable populations and ecosystems, particularly in emerging countries, in the face of climate challenges and biodiversity transition and physical risks.

● We collaborate with prominent public actors (e.g International Agencies) and major private actors (e.g. commercial banks, impact investors) and local networks of financial institutions in developing countries and civil society to ensure local outreach and material inclusive social outcomes.

● Our strategic board gives the strategic orientation for our operations. It comprises vital public actors, such as the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) of the World Bank, and private actors, such as BNP Paribas Group.

Your tasks

· You will research, develop and analyze existing frameworks around the 3 dimensions climate, biodiversity, inclusion, i.e. initiatives, methodologies, regulations, laws, labels, guidelines, organizations, tools, projects and programs, etc.

· You will develop the methodological framework supporting the set of solutions (products and services) proposed by the JuST Institute.

· You will structure the data in a usable database for the elaboration of the products and services offered by the JuST Institute.

· You will help the JuST Institute to align its products and services to the JuST Institute strategic framework.

· You will regularly present the data from your research to the members of the JuST Institute.

· You will participate in the reflection on the improvement of standards and methodologies used by the JuST Institute in connection with existing methodologies.

· You will support the operationalization of the JuST Institute in all its activities

· You wil help to manage the administrative tasks of the team (business plan, reporting, communication)

What makes this job unique

● You will be based at Bivwak! An incubator for innovative projects in finance located in the heart of Paris (9eme)

● You will have the chance to work on innovative approaches relevant to the challenges of our time, i.e. climate change, biodiversity preservation, and just transitions.

● The JuST Institute is on a human scale! It works like a start-up while working alongside with major banks such as BNP Paribas, prominent development players such as the Global Environmental Facility (World Bank), and investors specialised in inclusive finance, such as the Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation (GCAF).

● You will put your energy into meaningful missions, contributing to just transition, on activities mainly oriented towards emerging countries and the most vulnerable populations.

● The JuST Institute will pilot its innovative products and services starting with 5 developing countries of LATAM and SSA within the GEF Adaptation Innovation Challenge projects, together with the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the BNP Paribas, the GCAF, and other actors of the sector, among which local Inclusive Finance Services Providers (e.g. local banks, cooperatives, microfinance institutions) . So it is a concrete opportunity to challenge your capacity to put in practices your research and make it operational !

Your working conditions

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Start: January 2023

● You will work in a dynamic ecosystem, alongside BNP Paribas Group initiatives, in the middle of the ninth arrondissement.

● You will have a great autonomy in managing your time and accomplishing tasks. In addition, you will be able to be creative in the execution of your tasks.

Partial remote working is allowed. You will have a great deal of autonomy in the organisation of your work days and the organisation of your tasks.

To apply

● We are waiting for your application (CV and cover letter) before 25/11/2022. You can submit it on the platform or send it to Cliquez sur candidater pour accéder aux informations.


Profile and skills required

● You are looking for an internship at the Master's level or at the end of your studies.

● You have significant experience in research (research center, universities, environmental association).

● You have demonstrated your ability to research, gather, synthesise, structure and transmit complex, incomplete and heterogeneous information.

● We value diversity in the profiles we seek. Your academic background has a vital component in Climate and Biodiversity. For example, you have an engineering degree (Ponts Paristech, AgroParistech, INSA, etc.), an excellent university degree (Paris 1, etc.) or a business school or IEP degree.

● Your background has a vital component in Environmental Science, Climate Engineering, Sustainable Finance, and Sustainable Development Economics.

● Any experience in inclusive/impact finance or public affairs related to climate and biodiversity is appreciated.

● You have a good knowledge of political, regulatory, economic, financial and development organisations and institutions (UN programs, EU taxonomy, TCFD, TNFD, etc.)

● You have a perfect level of written and spoken English. You are fluent in French. Spanish would be highly appreciated.

● You master the Office package (Excel, Powerpoint in particular)

● You are dynamic and optimistic. You are rigorous and organised, even a perfectionist! You are methodical and have an exceptional ability to synthesise information.

● You want to put your energy into topics that matter, for just transitions. You have strong convictions and commitments to sobriety and the fight against inequality.