Project manager in Hospitality and Catering (M/F) - Paris

Civic service / VSI
Paris, France
3 yrs of exp.
Posted on 01-20-2022


L’Institut européen de coopération et de développement (IECD), organisation de solidarité internationale créée en 1988, met en œuvre des projets de développement économique et humain.

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The European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD), an international solidarity organization created in 1988, implements economic and human development projects in fifteen countries, in partnership with local institutions, enabling youth and people in precarious situations to access decent and sustainable jobs, in a quality educational and health environment.

Over 30 years of experience in the field of education, vocational training and access to employment for young people have enabled IECD to develop real know-how at the service of the most vulnerables.

The Institute operates in 15 countries, 4 geographic areas (Near East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa / Madagascar, and Southeast Asia), and is structured around flagship programs and a proven service offering on more than 60 projects.

 The project “STRIVE", launched in 2020 in LIBERIA, includes a Professional Training Center in Hotel and Restaurant Industry.The aim of the project will be to offer employment opportunities to disadvantaged young people while meeting the needs of professionals in qualified workforce. IECD will develop this project with the support and collaboration of BDOTC (Business & Domestic Occupational Training Center) in Monrovia. BDOTC is a public school under the management of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), located right next to the stadium and sports complex in Monrovia. This partner school will be targeted to implement the model of this TVET trade, before launching additional replications in other schools in Liberia.  

As a first priority step, the renovation and construction work in the project are to be followed-up by the project Manager in charge, including both, the school infrastructure renovation, as well as the hotel /restaurant construction.The second priority will be focusing on the student’s training, following a weekly program alternating between general applied education courses, modular courses, technical training and service sessions at the training hotel and restaurant. The H&C training cycle is based on 10 months training theory and 2 months internship & practice. BDOTC has partnerships with private institutions for internship and job placements. The students receive training at CQP level, and a certificate at the end of their cohort cycle will be delivered.

This commercial establishment, dedicated to practical training, will ultimately participate in the elaboration of a national strategy, including its curriculum. The replication process will be developed on the model IECD will put in place, with the collaboration of the Ministries of Youth and Sports and Education. 


In close collaboration with the partners, you will be in charge of the following missions: 

1.    Supports the operational implementation of the project 

  • Develops and manages the action plan for the renovation of the training center, in coordination with the partner UNIDO; 
  • Participates in the development of hotel procedures and quality of service;
  • Participates in the development of ongoing training and the update of training standards for CET (Certificate of End of Training);
  • Continues the work on marke study and identification of new opportunities;
  • Proposes a relevant strategy on investments and development of commercial activity;
  • Supports the day-to-day operational management of the project, and in particular:
  • Organizes the implementation of activities and define priorities;
  • Monitors and controls the results achieved;
  • Manages administrative and logistical tasks (purchasing, suppliers, maintenance);
  • Proposes areas for improvement for the program;
  • Respects the country's legal, fiscal, and social rules for his project and if necessary, leans on a local expert; 

2. Reports on project activities

  • Internally, develops and transmits narrative (monthly summary, etc.) and financial (ODS) reports.
  • Formalizes and reports the elements of Hospitality and Catering for an internal consolidation;
  • Externally, draws up, validates, and transmits narrative and financial reports to the financial partners under its responsibility, in collaboration with the M&E manager
  • Prepares internal & external evaluations of the project.- Adapts monitoring tools and project activities in coordination with the M&E, ensuring regular monitoring of key indicators from the logical framework;
  • Ensures the quality of the project and the measurable impact on beneficiaries;
  • Works in a permanent logic of capitalization: exploits, enriches and ensures the transmission of documents. 

3. Consolidate and develop the relationship with the operational partner and participate in institutional representation

  • Continues to build and develop the partner relationship with UNIDO with the support of the Senior TVET Manager;
  • Proposes to the N+1 a model to formulize the continuation of the partnership (short term and long term) with BDOTC;
  • Identifies, builds and develops relationships with other players in the H&C sector;
  • Participate in the representation of the IECD with local actors, in particular the public authorities;
  • Develops the internal and external communication of the project: ensure the visibility and notoriety of the project (Newsletter, Facebook page, local media, organization of events etc ...), in collaboration with the Communication Officer.



Training experience in Hospitality industry, hotel management, or school management with hotel experience.


  • 3 years minimum of hotel industry experience with a confirmed level of responsibility and management.
  • Significant experience in TVET training or formal /informal education.
  • Experience in a developing country would be a plus. 

Expected skills:

  • Project cycle management, monitoring of activities and indicators.
  • Budget monitoring and financial control.
  • Managerial skills: support, federate, train.
  • Ability to mobilize and federate a network of partners.
  • Representation skills vis-à-vis various partners.
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English. French skills is a plus.
  • Mastery of the Office Pack and in particular mastery of Excel imperative. 

Personal qualities: 

  • Leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, taste for challenge and sense of result.
  • Rigor, organization, autonomy, perspective.
  • Diplomacy and adaptation to different levels of interlocutors.
  • Good working skills: this position of responsibility requires a strong commitment, pragmatism, perseverance.
  • Strong moral qualities: honesty, humility, respect.
  • Adaptation to the local culture, interest in the geopolitical context.
  • Relational ease, open-mindedness, listening, patience.
  • Adherence to the values ​​of the IECD: a look at the person, the spirit of service, a professional commitment


Status: Agreement under French law, Volontariat de Solidarité Internationale (VSI) Including a pre-departure training. 

Line management: Under the responsibility of The TVET Senior Manager, 

Dates and duration of the VSI mission: From the start of the 2022, 1 year renewable mission, 2 years moral commitment or even more. 

Location: Monrovia, LIBERIA. 

Global package:

  • Remuneration according to profile.
  • Housing participation of IECD.
  • Two A/R flight tickets per year of assignment (including the departure ticket and the final return ticket).
  • Complete medical and social package (illness, repatriation, complementary mutual insurance) and basic pension contribution of social Security.
  • Paid leave: 2 days per month + local holidays.