AI Engineer Internship - Paris

Posted on 11-28-2022
This job is no longer available.


Gymglish souhaite offrir une éducation numérique plus efficace aux étudiants du monde entier, une expérience utilisateur plus engageante et une meilleure rétention des connaissances.

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Fondée en 2004, Gymglish propose des cours de langues en ligne ‘fun’ et personnalisés. Nos objectifs : la motivation, l’assiduité et les progrès de nos apprenants.

Nos formations sont utilisées par plus de 6 millions d’utilisateurs dans le monde, 6 000 entreprises et 500 écoles de langues et universités partenaires.

L’équipe est composée d’une 50aine de personnes (ingénieurs, commerciaux, professeurs, éditeurs, etc.) avec 17 nationalités représentées et plus de 20 langues parlées ! Environ la moitié des salariés de Gymglish sont actionnaires et 25 % du capital est détenu par les salariés non fondateurs.

🌱 Notre entreprise se veut militante en faveur de nos valeurs européennes et inclusives. Nous travaillons à faciliter l’accès à l’éducation, veillons à l’équité pour nos salariés, clients, partenaires et fournisseurs et essayons - à notre humble échelle - de limiter notre impact sur l’environnement. 👉 En savoir plus sur nous et nos engagements :

We’re Gymglish! We’ve been providing personalized online language courses that make learning fun since 2004. We aim to motivate our learners and help them progress in a way that makes them want to come back for more.

Our courses are used by over 500 language schools and universities, 6,000 companies, and 6 million users worldwide.
Our team is made up of around 50 people (engineers, business developers, teachers, editors and creatives), with 17 nationalities represented and more than 20 languages spoken between them! About half of Gymglish’s staff are shareholders, and 25% of our capital is held by employees who aren’t founders.

🌱 Values: We are committed to inclusive European values. We are striving to increase access to education, ensure fairness for our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers, and limit our impact on the environment. 👉 Find out more about us and what we stand for here :

Your role will be to contribute to the creation of a pedagogical conversation AI project.

The project will integrate 3 processes:

  • speech-to-text (think of Whisper)
  • text conversation (think of GTP-3 with a pedagogical objective)
  • text-to-speech (think of voice cloning)

You missions will involve:

  • Defining end-to-end processing pipeline for the 3 processes described above
  • Implementing the pipeline for a conversation system that will integrate the 3 processes
  • Participating in the construction and tuning of the training models and/or prompts for each process (for different languages and different voices)
  • Define and document the production process to guarantee the performance and quality monitoring of our models/prompts.

Within the team where you will work closely with our technical co-founder (one of the creators of VLC).


You are a student in BAC+4/+5 M1/M2 with a specialisation in AI/ML.

You are looking for a 6 month internship.

You would be a good fit for Gymglish if the below points sound like you:

  • A developer passionate about creating products and solving problems.
  • Self-driven and keen on learning new things.
  • Very good Python and general programming skills.
  • Good knowledge of Linux
  • Very good and clear communication (oral and written) in English and/or French.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Pytorch, Docker
  • Experience or interest in Linux administration.

Not meeting all the requirements?

Studies show that women and people belonging to minority groups are less likely to apply to jobs when they do not meet all the qualifications, especially in the tech field. This job description is a framework of requirements, so take it as a guide. You may be the right candidate for this role, and we look forward to receiving your applications even if you don’t meet all the requirements.