Climate Data Engineer - Supplier Sustainability - Paris

Long term
Paris, France
Partial remote possible
Posted on 09-03-2022
Start : septembre 2022
This job is no longer available.


Greenly’s mission is to allow SMEs and individuals to track their carbon footprint automatically through their accounting. This lets them focus on what really matters: reducing their GHG emissions đŸŒ±

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Founded in 2019 by Alexis, Matthieu and Arnaud, Greenly’s mission is to allow everyone to track their carbon footprint more simply, to take part in the fight against climate change ✹

Our mission is to democratize climate strategy for SME’s and soon reach 1bn tons of carbon under management! 🚀

How? đŸ€·â€â™‚ïž We add tech to carbon accounting to make it automatic for SMEs and individuals, by connecting to their finances. This lets them focus on what really matters: reducing their GHG emissions with better insights, and lower costs; adopting more sustainable spending patterns and engaging their ecosystem to navigate the energy transition đŸŒ±


Greenly is developing its Suppliers Engagement Platform. The aim of this platform is to accurately measure the emissions of our customers’ suppliers and to become the leading platform for virtuous suppliers recommendations 🛒

As Climate Data Engineer, you will join our newly created Suppliers Engagement Team, currently made of 3 people (2 Climate Data Engineers, 1 Product Manager).

Main tasks & responsibilities

Improve data processing đŸ’Ș

  • Suggest ways to improve algorithms to extract suppliers information from raw data sources such as accounting files, 

  • Integrate external APIs to enrich suppliers data: categorizations, 

Analytics, automation and support 📊

  • Create stunning visualizations for our customers and their suppliers to help them reduce their emissions
  • Develop and maintain apps using no/low code tools to expose the data and answer to identified customer needs
  • Continually evaluate, revise and improve the product as the organization grows

You are the candidate we are looking for if you tick these boxes: ✅

  • Attracted by efficiency, optimisation & continuous improvement
  • Meticulous, well-organised, analytical-minded
  • Aware of and interested by environmental issues
  • Basic carbon accounting knowledge and eager to learn more


  • Engineering background or similar
  • Strong skills in Python & the pandas library, Excel, SQL
  • Autonomous, dynamic, able to adapt and quickly switch between different tasks
  • Good speaking and understanding of English (team communicates in English)

Ultimately, you want to fight climate change and help us reach 1B tons of carbon under management ! đŸ•Šïž

Where skills are equal, preference is given to disabled candidates and other grantees of the obligation to employ