Mechatronician position in Grenoble - Grenoble

Work study
Grenoble, France
Posted on 06-13-2022
Start : septembre 2022
> End : août 2023


Optimiser la quantité et la qualité du tri sélectif ! Nous caractérisons les erreurs de tri dans différents environnements pour améliorer les plans de sensibilisation.

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The candidate is expected to work on different sensors from the different use cases that are being addressed at Ficha. The candidate will be working with MCUs to develop different functionalities which will be derived from the user feedback or the market needs. The candidate will be performing analysis of the MCUs and propose adequate solutions pertaining to the limits of operation and performance to adapt proper functionality. The candidate will be needed to work on the proposition of the architecture of the arrangement of the peripherals related to different functionalities for the PCBs that are designed in house. The candidate may be needed to work on deployment of the solutions on sites and also participate in different experimental phases where on-site activities may be expected. The candidate may be required to visit the sites of waste deposition to analyze the real time environment to develop the sensors accordingly.

The candidate will be working within a team where participation into different projects will be expected. The candidate is also expected to be a team player alongside being autonomous with the propositions of the ideas. The candidate will report directly to the hardware manager and work under his/her guidance and supervision.

  1. A team player with autonomy in the work.
  2. Well versed and experienced in Python.
  3. Experience in C++ and Embedded C are a plus.
  4. Must be well versed with Linux.
  5. Experience with soldering peripherals.
  6. Experiences with different MCU families.
  7. Experience in image processing is an added value.
  8. Must be familiar with electrical and electronic components.
  9. Being familiar with communication protocols and signal processing methods on PCBs is a plus.
  10. Experience with PCB design and 3D printing is a plus.
  11. Fluency in English is mandatory. French is a plus.