Freelance Sustainability Consultant - Paris

Paris, France
200€ (Daily)
2 yrs of exp.
Posted on 12-01-2022
Start : janvier 2023
This job is no longer available.

Earth on Board

Aider les conseils d’administration à remplir leur rôle en alignant les activités de leur entreprise sur la préservation des écosystèmes et la satisfaction des besoins de la société.

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We are looking for someone -not employed- for regular missions to support our work of awareness and training before board members.

This will consist in:

  • In close collaboration with the team, prepare speaking opportunities:
  • analysis of the context: audience, country, sector and company’s relevant information;
  • preparation of presentation material with the support of a graphist designer;
  • providing ideas to answer questions that are planned to be asked or anticipated;
  • Active contribution around the topics of business and sustainability to strengthen our expertise and bring fresh convincing stories to our speeches:
  • Ongoing content creation from news, newly published reports and emerging ideas;
  • Desk research, interviews, and writing briefing notes on specific matters of interest for internal or external use;
  • Follow leads and opportunities brought by the team, draft proposals and adapt workstream on content creation and briefings to upcoming opportunities.
  • Depending on your interest, skills, and availability, other missions could be offered such as contributing to our visibility and outreach through blog posts, publication with partners, and webinars.


  • Fluency in English both written and oral
  • Advanced French level
  • Strong autonomy to conduct the missions
  • Strong wish to influence the impacts of human activities on the environment. An intimate conviction that business is key in this transition but needs to change.
  • Critical thinking and curiosity
  • Capacity of synthesis and writing skills
  • Desire for relaxed and friendly relationships
  • Ability to meet us occasionally in Paris, and in Marseille

Optional but appreciated:

  • Bringing diversity. We pay a strong attention to diversity in all its dimensions, in coherence with what we advocate for in all groups (including the composition of boards of directors).
  • Master’s degree: either in social sciences, political science, journalism, engineering, environmental management, strategic management, …
  • Previous work experience helping to grasp issues related to business and sustainability: sustainability teams, environmental advocacy, sustainability consulting, …
  • If you have exceptional writing skills, we’ll certainly find a way to benefit from them
  • Ability to develop persuasive speech that lead to actions: strategic thinking, interest for human psychology and group dynamics, empathy and ability to think in someone else’s shoes, etc.