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Posted on 09-07-2022

AXA Climate

La Raison d'être d'AXA Climate est d'aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises. Notre Mission est l'adaptation climatique et environnementale.

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La Raison d’être d’AXA Climate est d’aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises.La Mission d’AXA Climate, c’est l’adaptation climatique et environnementale. Au service de cette mission, 4 différents métiers !

  • La formation - via des contenus digitaux, scientifiques pour mettre en mouvement tous les collaborateurs, leur donner les compétences et les outils.
  • Le conseil - pour impacter en local, via des actions d’adaptation concrètes.
  • L’assurance et le financement - pour sécuriser celles et ceux qui s’adaptent, et impactent.

Tech team at AXA Climate

Using Data from satellites, weather stations and scientific observations, the job of the tech team is to compute Data and build products to help our clients understand the impact of climate change.Handling such Data and providing accurate projections is a hard challenge. Our job is to gather historical Data, analyze tendencies and if possible, take into account the impact of climate change, and therefore Science.

Beyond Climate, we aim at measuring the impact on bio-diversity where challenges are even harder.

Front-end team

We build UI’s applications to visualize all this Data and help our clients evaluate the impact of climate change on their assets. You’ll be working with experienced developers to enhance the specific products UI’s as well as components used by other entities within AXA Climate. For example tools to help identify buildings and shapes, display forecast maps or satellite images, help farmers get a precise view of their fields etc.


  • Build UI’s and shared components adapted to our clients’ needs
  • Collaborate with the business to help change and improve our products
  • Team-up with other developers for reviews in a CI/CD environment
  • Deal with technical debt and ensure maintainability of the code base
  • Propose new architecture designs while keeping security in mind thru shared architecture documents

Skills and requirements

  • Strong background building JS apps (React, Typescript, node.js CSS/SCSS, HTML)
  • Skills with testing frameworks and quality tools such as Eslint, Jest, Cypress
  • Experience handling and visualizing data (PostgreSQL/NoSQL, D3.js)
  • Familiarity with code review and peer programming


  • Experience in Backend programming (microservices & APIs)
  • Background handling & visualizing Geodata (PostGIS, Python, GIS formats)
  • Experience with maps, geocoding, and navigation
  • Familiarity with Cloud technologies, and cloud deployments (AWS, Docker)