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Posted on 10-14-2022

AXA Climate

La Raison d'être d'AXA Climate est d'aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises. Notre Mission est l'adaptation climatique et environnementale.

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La Raison d’être d’AXA Climate est d’aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises.
La Mission d’AXA Climate, c’est l’adaptation climatique et environnementale. Au service de cette mission, 4 différents métiers ! 

  • La formation - via des contenus digitaux, scientifiques pour mettre en mouvement tous les collaborateurs, leur donner les compétences et les outils. 
  • Le conseil - pour impacter en local, via des actions d’adaptation concrètes.
  • L’assurance et le financement - pour sécuriser celles et ceux qui s’adaptent, et impactent. 

Within the AXA Climate Financing Domain, you will be part of the core team delivering the ESG & Impact Advisory Services to the Regenerative Agriculture Fund with two other peers.

Your role is dual:

  • During the first year of fund’s deployment, you will participate to the due diligences with your two team members.
  • When first investments are made, you will manage the fund’s impact monitoring.

More details on the impact monitoring:

  • Lead the portfolio companies’ ESG & Impact monitoring (climate, biodiversity, water as well as social and health outcomes) and the aggregation at portfolio level.
  • Provide expertise to identify the relevant impact KPIs (available and measurable) to be monitored for each company – post-investment, when the impact roadmap is defined.
  • Provide expertise to identify the relevant data to monitor these KPIs.
  • Lead the impact measurement experimentations (e.g. calculation of Social Return on Investment, test of new biodiversity KPIs, leverage of satellite data).
  • Lead the automation of the impact measurement and monitoring, with the AXA Climate tech & data team as well as external partners.

You will also contribute to drafting the fund’s impact reporting and publications.

Beyond the Regenerative Agriculture Fund:

  • You will participate in scaling up the AXA Climate Financing value proposition and business.
  • You will interact with AXA Climate tech & data and impact domains.

Experience required:

  • Proven experience in the sustainable agriculture tech & data space (3 to 5 years as a minimum)
  • Network of valuable experts and partners specialized in impact monitoring of agriculture practices, soils and ecosystems
  • Education: master degree (business or engineering) or MBA

Soft skills

  • Adequate posture to handle relationship with investment teams as well as entrepreneurs
  • Capacity to leverage AXA Climate internal know-how related to tech & data and impact
  • Problem solver, client & solution oriented
  • Capacity to learn fast new topics, to deep dive into various expertise topics (regenerative agriculture, climate science, ESG, natural capital, new data sources, among others)
  • Comfortable managing several tasks and challenges in a fast-paced environment
  • Good connection with the ag tech & data ecosystem
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Fantastic team player, with whom it is cool to work alongside
  • Fluent in French and English, additional languages are a plus

Hard skills

  • Solid data analysis capabilities
  • Solid knowledge in agriculture/ agronomy / agroecology