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Posted on 07-04-2022

AXA Climate

La Raison d'être d'AXA Climate est d'aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises. Notre Mission est l'adaptation climatique et environnementale.

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La Raison d’être d’AXA Climate est d’aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises.La Mission d’AXA Climate, c’est l’adaptation climatique et environnementale. Au service de cette mission, 4 différents métiers !

  • La formation - via des contenus digitaux, scientifiques pour mettre en mouvement tous les collaborateurs, leur donner les compétences et les outils.
  • Le conseil - pour impacter en local, via des actions d’adaptation concrètes.
  • L’assurance et le financement - pour sécuriser celles et ceux qui s’adaptent, et impactent.

Climate School and Axa Climate

The Climate School is part of Axa Climate (Corporate site, Linkedin), who has developed complete business lines to help tackle climate change adaptation (Climate School, Insurance, Industry/Agri/Finance/Public Adaptation). Globally, we are a team of 100 climate experts, headquartered in Paris, spread over 5 continents and driven by the same desire for impact. Our purpose is to help Planet Earth become a true stakeholder of all companies, in the same way that employees, customers and shareholders are!

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After launching in 2021 and getting more than 30 international clients on board from our Paris office (St Gobain, JLL, Heineken, Accor, Marsh, BNP Paribas etc) we are pushing to establish a strong presence other european countries.

UK is a top priority for us in 2022 and 2023 and we are hiring our first UK employee as country launcher. The position will be based in Paris (at least for 2022, possibility to relocate in 2023) with frequent travel to the UK.

The country launcher will be tasked with setting up our UK operations from scratch particularly from a sales perspective. We are already working with 5 local clients (incl. HBSC & Marsh) and are looking to triple that number in 2022 (ie 10 new clients).

During the first months the mission will be mainly focused on :

  1. Building the sales pipeline in the UK (with support from marketing team and French Sales Team)
  2. Connect with the UK sustainability landscape (NGO, sustainability consultancy, training organization)
  3. Work on the plans to expand the team locally

We led this process successfully in H1 2022 for Germany so we have a track record :)

  • Having lived in the UK (native language, comfortable with the culture etc)
  • Fluent in French would be a plus
  • B2B Sales savviness (not necessarily “at scale” but do the 0 to 1 part)
  • Sustainability Culture strong enough to be our local face in the UK (or eagerness to learn)
  • Scrappyness
  • Exprience in launching a startup / entrepreneur project (all the more so if it failed)