Digital Projects Executive - London

London, United Kingdom
Full remote
Posted on 06-09-2021

Digital Projects Executive

At Makerble our mission is to give charities the insights to change the world faster.

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Your role is to increase the number of charities that become new leads, guide clients through the onboarding process and provide customer support. This role is designed for someone who is a great communicator with infectious enthusiasm, the ability to simplify detailed things and a creative problem-solving mindset.

 Our software as a service platform is used by charities large and small, ranging from national charities like the Trussell Trust through to small local voluntary sector organisations like Advance Brighter Futures. Before they switched to Makerble, many of our clients were using paper files and spreadsheets to keep track of their beneficiaries. The Makerble platform gives our clients a suite of apps that provide CRM, Surveys and Reporting Dashboard functionality without a hefty price tag and in a gorgeous UI.


Makerble has grown organically over the last year which is why we are investing in your role.


Onboarding & Support: When charities become clients they have already decided which Makerble Apps are right for them. Your role is to guide them through the onboarding process so that their referral forms, surveys and dashboards are set up the way they need them to be. Once they are set up, you will provide phone, email and chat support to users and keep our user guides, training materials and ‘how to’ videos updated as new functionality is introduced on the platform. You should have good project management skills, be a natural-born problem solver and have the ability to explain complicated concepts to clients who might not be very digitally-savvy. Ultimately your job is to help clients take their existing processes for managing their work (whether paper-based, spreadsheet-based or using another database) and port those across to Makerble. 


You will be the 8th member of our team globally and the 4th team member in the UK. The CEO, Sales Executive and one of our developers are also based in the UK, albeit working remotely. The rest of our team are developers in India whom we have worked with for several years. You will be expected to use your own laptop in this role. 



Onboarding & Support: reducing the time it takes a new client to experience the benefits of Makerble by:

  • Guiding each new client through the onboarding process - answering any questions about the onboarding templates
  • Project managing the onboarding process for each new client
  • Holding onboarding meetings with each client going through the setup process
  • Updating the onboarding templates. Ultimately we want to make the onboarding process completely self-service, so part of your role will be to identify ways to make yourself obsolete so that clients can go through the onboarding process without any support from you whatsoever. However for the time being, they will require your support. 
  • Running short training sessions over Zoom for new clients that show particular user groups how to use Makerble
  • Creating reusable training materials and user guides that ultimately remove the need for live training sessions
  • Arranging customer success check-ins with lead contacts at each client and the Makerble CEO
  • Tracking the time and budget allocated to each client 
  • Being the first responder to inbound customer service queries across all email, phone and chat
  • Creating tickets in HubSpot and Jira as required for issues that need additional support
  • Keeping clients updated on the status of their tickets
  • Solving problems for clients


General: contributing to the smooth running of a small growing tech startup 

  • Project managing other internal projects that arise
  • Chasing up unpaid invoices from clients that need chasing
  • Generating invoices and sending them to clients
  • Procurement: researching, shortlisting and recommending additional tools and services 
  • Organising interviews and focus groups with clients and charities to gain insights that inform marketing and product development

This role is initially a 3-month post. We’re a startup and are constantly evolving and learning. If you succeed in your role it is likely that we will extend the position into a longer-term contract. 


Person Specification:


  • Understanding of how to use a CRM
  • Analytical
  • Great communicator with the ability to quickly build rapport with people in the charity sector
  • Sharp attention to detail - able to understand the configurations of the Makerble platform and ensure that client requirements are met and tested ahead of Go Live
  • Great presentation skills - able to deliver training sessions that feel fun 
  • Excellent written and verbal English
  • Ability and willingness to learn quickly - your learning curve will include gaining an understanding of the world our clients live in, i.e. the practice of ‘impact measurement’, the charity sector in general; and the way we run Makerble, e.g. daily standups and the use of collaboration tools such as Slack.
  • Experience of working for or with charities - whether as a paid member of staff or a volunteer



  • An analytical and logical approach to tasks
  • A willingness to learn new skills / growth mindset


  1. Describe a time when you've had to manage a project. How did you stay on track with the deliverables and what was the outcome?
  2. What attracts you to join Makerble specifically?
  3. What do you see as the benefits to a charity of using the Makerble platform?