Program Coordinator, JOGL Africa

Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)

  • Freelance
  • Paris, France
  • Full remote
  • < 15 persons
Social mission

JOGL aide l'humanité à se synchroniser sur la résolution de problèmes sociaux & environnementaux en utilisant la science ouverte et l'innovation responsable.

Job description

In short:

  • Job Description Published: 8 February 2021
  • ​Organization​: Just One Giant Lab (JOGL), is a young rapidly growing non-profit platform whose mission is to create the largest community of contributors to Open Science and Innovation in order to face our most challenging problems.
  • JOGL Team Size: 15 team members
  • Position: Program Coordinator (JOGL Africa)
  • When​: As soon as possible - minimum of 12 months, renewable
  • Where​: Remotely and/or at the JOGL offices, within the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, Paris 4th arrondissement, metro St Paul/Bastille.
  • ​Contract​: Full-time, freelance

Context and Position Overview

JOGL has developed an ambitious program dedicated to the African continent to promote and strengthen African open science and open source innovation. We are seeking to extend our team to better support local open science projects and communities with regional partners in Africa. We are therefore looking for a highly motivated and autonomous person to help us operationalise JOGL in Africa. 

Team Structure

You will be working closely and remotely with the Program Manager, a team of Local Coordinators and ambassadors, as well as experts, in conjunction with the global team structure of JOGL (visit the team section on our website) and an existing and growing network of partners. We convene regularly (weekly and bi-monthly meetings) for the regional as well as the global teams, respectively, in order to coordinate and facilitate seamless development of the projects and programs hosted on the JOGL platform.

Deliverables and Scope of Work 

  1. Coordinate the operations of JOGL in Africa in collaboration with the Program Manager and the whole JOGL team, and manage JOGL Africa stakeholders including Local Coordinators (to be hired), community managers, experts and community members. 
  2. Contribute to the development and improvement of JOGL’s strategy for community-based open research and innovation in Africa. The program will be executed thanks to a network of regional partners and ambassadors. The main goal of this program is the collective creation and gathering of African open knowledge and open source tools able to advance the SDGs, especially in a “One Health” perspective (human health, animal health, environmental health). This program aims to:
  3. Help Africa-focused open science and innovation project teams voice and solve their pain points - giving them a platform to do so, and allowing them to support each other
  4. Help program teams better understand the challenges faced at the project level and in the African regional context in order to respond to those challenges and allow the initiative as a whole to better achieve its goals
  5. Help match project teams with mentors from the JOGL community at large to address project challenges
  6. Compile and share all reports and data sets through Open Access, with open licenses on the JOGL platform as well as African governmental and/or scholarly literature and data repositories
  7. Grow the JOGL community in Africa and develop and animate a pan-African network of partners involved in Open Science, Innovation and Education activities to advance the SDGs
  8. Lead business development and community engagement for JOGL Africa, including organising events and engagement activities
  9. Other deliverables depending on needs that arise, time and budget permitting

Daily responsibilities: 

  1. Be a main point of contact for JOGL in Africa, especially in the Francophone community
  2. Implement the JOGL in Africa strategy, together with the Program Manager and Local Coordinators, and suggest amendments where necessary as the program evolves
  3. Support local actors and communities by advising them how best to utilize the JOGL platform to achieve their vision and mission of existing projects and initiatives by collaborating with likeminded people from across the continent and globally
  4. Project facilitation for innovators taking part in JOGL Africa program by linking them to experts and offering business development where needed 

Weekly/Monthly: Organise periodic Community Calls for the whole JOGL Africa Community and review meetings with Local Coordinators to follow progress of Program implementation. Facilitate matching of potential collaboration partners based on interests and needs for the projects.

As needed: Oversee progress of Africa-focused projects, facilitate communication where needed 

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Preferably based in Africa (Senegal or Francophone region) 
  2. In-depth knowledge and experience of business innovation in the pan-African context in its diversity and complexity
  3. Understanding of the academic, entrepreneurial and/or innovation landscape and knowledge of various communities in these sectors on the continent
  4. Experience with digital tools and communication platforms that are actively used in various parts of the continent for efficient communication. Ability to use Slack, Zoom and social media platforms efficiently for community management
  5. Strong visual communicator with excellent design skills
  6. Team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide others (employees and volunteers) when necessary
  7. Takes action proactively and works well independently and with minimal supervision
  8. Ability to identify potential negative or crisis situations and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues
  9. Fluent written and spoken English (JOGL working language) as well as excellent French language skills. Fluency in, Arabic, Portuguese or a widely spoken African language like Kiswahili is a plus

  10. Female and/or non-binary candidates are strongly encouraged to apply! 

How to apply?

1- Fill out this application form. Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis.

2- Shortlisted candidates will be asked to provide answers to a set of questions

3- Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by JOGL’s CEO Thomas Landrain and the JOGL Africa team

In case of any questions, please reach out to

How to apply?
Fill out the form including attachments of your CV and a portfolio of your past work in social media along with a sample of your writing. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at
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