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Social mission

SINGA is an international organization whose mission is to bring locals and newcomers together to engage collaboratively in social, professional and entrepreneurial projects.

Job description


SINGA is an international organization whose mission is to bring locals and newcomers together to engage collaboratively in social, professional and entrepreneurial projects. SINGA strives for an inclusive society that embraces diversity, and for an innovative economy that allows everyone, regardless of their background, to achieve their professional and social potential.

SINGA Global represents and supports a network of local and national SINGA Chapters, and was created by the founding SINGA Chapters in 2020.

Currently, SINGA operates in 7 countries with 17 local chapters. Chapters are located in Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva), Germany (Berlin, Strasbourg), Belgium (Brussels), Québec (Montréal), Spain (Barcelona), Luxembourg, and France (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, Saint Etienne, Marseille, Grenoble, Valence and Strasbourg). The organization comprises about 100 staff members, and runs on a cumulative annual budget ranging from 3,7€M and 4€. 

SINGA Global is looking for a new CEO, in order to consolidate the network, and, along with the global team, Chapters and the Board of Directors, to manage the brand and further grow the network and its activities. The CEO will directly manages a team of 3 to 5 staff and together they coordinate SINGA chapters.

In 2020, The Human Safety Net Foundation granted SINGA with a scaling donation, which has helped create SINGA Global and a scaling strategy to launch new activities as well as to strengthen communication, support functions, good practices and the financial model. The grant allowed SINGA to adopt a replication scaling model, and therefore build resources to ensure impact scaling among Chapters.

SINGA Global’s missions are:

  • Network coordination: SINGA Global teams ensure smooth coordination within the organization and among Chapters. Coordination involves legal brand management, compliance, internal communication, and access to resources and material for all staff.
  • Communication: SINGA Global teams ensure SINGA’s visibility across the world, and with relevant stakeholders, through campaigns, creation of tools and material for Chapters, and partnership management.
  • Monitoring/Evaluation/Learnings: SINGA Global ensures that all Chapters carrt out SINGA’s vision and mission by monitoring impact, and provides them with an impact framework, and tools such as CRM to help them understand how to improve their programs. 
  • Inspiration to Chapters: as Chapters are created by individuals in Europe and across the globe, the SINGA Global team onboards them, provides them with training and good practices, and supports their smooth development. 
  • Fundraising: SINGA Global supports Chapters in creating fundraising opportunities, more specifically by answering international tenders, trans-chapters call for applications, and developing SINGA’s service portfolio.

The CEO’s mission is to ensure the smooth development of the brand, and the growth of SINGA’s overall impact in a system change perspective.

  • Financial management, fundraising and partnerships

The CEO is responsible for the financial wellbeing of SINGA Global. They lead fundraising efforts for SINGA Global, or when a consortium among SINGA chapters emerges. Effectively, they:

  • Develop and monitor annual and multi-year budgets
  • Oversee cash flow management according to KPIs
  • Coordinate with accountant, manage HR through dedicated software (Payfit)
  • Develop, lead and manage strategies to obtain donations and grants that advance the organization’s goals and priorities, and contribute to financial sustainability 
  • Model a growth and result-driven mindset by measuring and reporting on progresses
  • Actively cultivate, solicit and steward a personal portfolio of high-capacity donors from corporate, foundations and public resources
  • Identify and build relationships with high-impact leaders and prospective donors
  • Contribute to strategic thinking and decision-making on a more sustainable financial model

  • Overall strategy implementation

The CEO is a vision keeper and facilitator for the organization. Their goal is to ensure that impact, communication, and financial priorities are understood and met. They provide leadership by: 

  • Impact and financial reporting to the Board and communicating strategic orientations to the team and network
  • Collaboratively planning for annual and multi-year milestones
  • Overseeing the design and implementation of new processes, such as the Impact Framework 
  • Fostering efficient and effective cross-functional teamwork
  • Mentor and coach teams on topics such as leadership development and change management
  • Foster efforts to build an inclusive culture and advance equitable policies and external outcomes

  • Chapters and program oversight

The CEO makes sure that all chapters are compliant to the charter of values, respect the vision/mission of the brand, and mobilize all chapters’ leaders to define the annual vision and strategy of the organization. They provide them with content and a clear overview of activities, supporting them with:

  • Achieving impact
  • Compliance with the mission and brand, including through audits if needed
  • Implementing healthy and positive HR, administrative, and well-being policies
  • Collecting and analyzing impact data through the centralized M&E tool 

The CEO also manages the process surrounding new and existing Chapters by:

  • Overseeing the onboarding of new Chapters
  • Being responsible for legal compliance
  • Having a decisional role in granting the licence agreement
  • or, after careful consideration, calling upon the Board to terminate a licence agreement

  • Inspiration/External Representation

The CEO contributes to external representation of the organization, to partners and media, public speaking. They are the vision keepers and make sure that all external representation, may it be conferences, public interviews, etc. are transparent and reflect SINGA’s overall activity and network. 

  • Public speaking and external representation: response to media inquiries, conferences and public events
  • Proactively create and amplify a positive public image, brand and reputation for the organization
  • With the communication director, lead active creation, maintenance, relevance and compliance of the organization’s brand and marketing research, assets events and messaging 


Must have:

  • Progressively responsible fundraising/leadership experience, including a minimum of 7 years in a senior director role and significant track record attracting and closing partnerships of +250 000€
  • Proven track record of identifying, cultivating and securing major donors relationships
  • International management experience - work across different cultures and countries 
  • Proven track record or managing and scaling of organisation - establishing and monitoring of processes, setting internal metrics and managing performance and growth
  • Experience in managing collaborative and horizontal teams
  • Demonstrated passion for SINGA’s mission, vision and culture
  • Experience with proven results in designing, building and managing an innovative social enterprise and organization
  • Excellent written and oral communication in French and English
  • Proven ability to lead strategic planning, manage team execution against measurable goals and objectives and develop and manage budgets

Nice to have:

  • Proven track record of partnering with high level boards of directors, teams and organizational partners
  • Ability to think and act strategically understand the role of individual, corporations and foundations in contemporary world
  • Develop and maintain smooth, productive relationships with all members of the SINGA network
  • Experience in public relations and relationship management 
  • Excellent facilitation and presentation skills
  • Motivation and ability to foster diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Demonstrated ability to use databases, collaborative tools, analytics for performance measurement, learning and improvement and web content management systems. 

Required attitude:

  • Servant leadership - the CEO needs to build organisation to support the local Singa chapters 
  • Self-motivated
  • Proactive 
  • Independent 

The position :

  • The salary range is 55K to 60K yearly 
  • Permanent contract (Contrat à durée indéterminée) under French labor law,
  • Benefits: SINGA Global covers 100% medical insurance (mutuelle) for employees and their family, 50% of meal vouchers (tickets restaurants) and 50% transportation (Pass Navigo or metro tickets)
  • The position is based in Paris and flexible. Remote work or work from SINGA offices across the world is a possibility, with a minimum of 50% of time spent in the Paris headquarters.
  • All SINGA Global staff work 28h/week, and can choose their schedule - including the CEO 

Please note that Your cover letter should express your specific interest, qualifications and examples of the track record for the required skills and attitude for this role as well as how you envision the future of migration and what SINGA can do for it to thrive.

SINGA is a proud equal opportunity employer committed to an inclusive work environment and building a team that reflects the rich diversity of our community. People of color, people with disabilities, and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are encouraged to apply. 

How to apply?
Please submit your resume and a cover-letter to Applications will be accepted and reviewed until July 1st.
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