Gigatonne Challenge Volunteer - Paris

Paris, France
Posted on 09-16-2020


Our mission is to tackle ten global challenges in ten years. We will achieve this through financing and training thousands of teams across the world. Our teams will be drawn from multiple sectors, including communities most impacted by these challenges. They will deliver meaningful results at both a scale and a pace reflecting the reality of a world where every month now counts.

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Let’s build something amazing.

Even before the Covid crisis, our economies didn’t work for most people.

Many billions of people around the world are trapped in desperate situations. Inequality has grown alarmingly. Wages have been stagnant. Our efforts to tackle the climate crisis are going nowhere fast.

As the Covid crisis drags on, merging with a new financial crisis and the growing climate crisis, the economic prospects for billions of people look bleaker than ever.

In this context we want to invite you to be part of something extraordinary.

Welcome to the Gigatonne Economy

We invite you to join us in building a new post-Covid economy.

This post-Covid economy will be different to the one that’s currently flatlining. We see an economy that is fair, providing meaningful work for everyone, while at the same time ensuring both the planet and people are thriving.

It is entirely within our power to create this new post-Covid economy.

We call this the “gigatonne economy,” it’s an economy designed to ensure that we’re not emitting gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our vision is for thousands of teams around the world to practically start building this gigatonne economy.

The work of building a post-Covid economy necessarily involves tackling the climate crisis. It requires a re-structuring across multiple domains of society. 

This re-structuring cannot be top-down. And this will be where we propose to start.

Our focus will be the creation of meaningful work through tackling the climate crisis.

It’s time to build something extraordinary together.

We start building a new gigatonne economy this October.

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