Senior Project Manager Responsible Sourcing


  • Long term
  • Paris, France
  • < 15 persons
Social mission

Support the necessary changes and promote more sustainable, inclusive and supportive development models.

Job description

TRANSITIONS is a sustainability consulting agency comprised of former senior NGO managers, journalists, engineers, etc. Transitions promotes and accompanies the implementation of change in the public and private sector, in particular through the reinforcement of environmental and social responsibility in agricultural and forestry supply chains (palm oil, soy, cotton, fruits, pulp, wood, rubber, etc.). Convinced that dialogue between stakeholders is a powerful lever for progress, Transitions facilitates discussions in France and internationally in order to overcome the challenges of complex supply chains and promote more sustainable models for the use of natural resources. 

TRANSITIONS is looking for a motivated and committed full time Senior Project Manager to join its Sustainable Sourcing team and support leading organizations in the consumer goods manufacturing, personal care, food, and retail sectors in the implementation of their deforestation-free and responsible sourcing policies. 

Job description

In coordination with the Head of Sustainable Sourcing, Project Directors, other Senior Project Managers and Project Managers, the Senior Project Manager will:

Contribute to operational & technical activities

  • Conduct raw materials value chains diagnosis focused on environmental, social and reputational stakes as well as market, consumption and sourcing trends;
  • Implement and/or coordinate studies, benchmarks and mappings of stakeholders positioning, expectations and achievements as well as sustainable sourcing solutions;
  • Develop and manage processes, methodologies and technical tools to achieve transparency in complex supply chains, measure risks at the geographical level, evaluate the performance of market players and implement the monitoring of grievances.

Provide strategic advising internally & externally

  • Provide strategic advising to design and implement responsible sourcing strategies;
  • Organize monitoring of action plans and KPIs that support the implementation of deforestation-free and responsible sourcing policies and help secure compliant supply lines;
  • Provide recommendations and promote innovative solutions to achieve sustainable sourcing targets at organizational, economic, environmental and social levels (landscape approach, innovative business models, supplier engagement, etc.); 
  • Set up and manage multi-stakeholder dialogue and stakeholder engagement strategies to promote consensus on responsible sourcing approaches (suppliers, NGOs, civil society organizations, corporates, communities, governmental institutions, research institutes, etc.);
  • Organize and participate in field visits and field investigations, to nurture the design of strategies and projects, and/or monitor or assess responsible supply chain approaches, including the management of social, environmental and economic risks;
  • Participate in technical working groups and coalitions at the international level to increase knowledge and share expertise on specific issues and raw materials;
  • Contribute to the development of new business models based on the sustainable management of natural resources at the landscape level.

Ensure client relationship management & development

  • Manage daily contacts and develop relationships with existing clients;
  • Ensure implementation, consistency and follow-up of planning to guarantee the expected outcomes are delivered upon deadline and in line with clients’ expectations; 
  • Build proposals for engaging new clients and sectors to collaborate for improving their sourcing practices and be proactive in developing new business opportunities;
  • Coordinate with other team members to explore innovative solutions and opportunities for going beyond clients’ expectations.

Required qualifications

  • Masters’ degree in Engineering or equivalent, ideally specialized in Materials, Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Environmental Management or Geosciences; 
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant professional working experience in the business, research, consulting and/or NGO sectors;
  • Very strong knowledge and understanding of environmental and social responsibility issues related to the supply of products or raw materials derived from mineral and natural resources;
  • Good understanding of the organization of complex supply chains and their commercial practices such as spot trading;
  • Ability to summarize complex issues and link together various stakeholders;
  • Ability to work daily with IT and digital tools, especially Excel;
  • Excellent writing skills, team-worker and critical thinker with the ability to take initiative.

Desirable skills 

  • Prior experience working in minerals supply chains and/or extractive industries; 
  • Prior experience in designing tools and solutions to achieve sustainable sourcing in complex supply chains;
  • Prior experience collaborating with major international actors (brands, manufacturers, supply chain players, producers, etc.);
  • Previous experience in designing, implementing and facilitating multi-stakeholders dialogues and/or coordinating field projects;
  • Knowledge of civil society groups and NGOs working on deforestation, conservation and/or social issues.

Language requirements

  • Excellent command written and spoken of both French and English (bilingual) with the ability to draft concept notes and reports in both languages;
  • Any additional language among the following would be a plus: Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish.


  • Location: Paris 11 (Bastille area), France with frequent travel abroad
  • To begin as soon as possible (September, October 2020)
  • Salary commensurate with experience
How to apply?
Please send you application (resume and cover letter) to with the subject line “Senior Project Manager Sept 20”.
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  • Posted on 08-31-2020
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