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Social mission

ABOUT Teuk Saat 1001 and O-we drinking water O-we is a brand of Teuk Saat 1001, a Cambodian registered NGO acting as a non-profit social enterprise that supports rural community to access to safe drinking water. O-we is provided across the country through small water treatment plants implemented in rural Cambodian villages, managed by local entrepreneurs, and supported by Teuk Saat 1001 services (technical, quality, supply, sales & marketing, etc.). It has been established since 2007. Teuk Saat 1001 is the local partner of the French NGO 1001fontaines. Today, Teuk Saat 1001 is operating around 230 water kiosks across the kingdom of Cambodia, thus supplying safe drinking water to roughly 650,000 beneficiaries every day.

Job description

The Water Research and Development Specialist will join the Engineering and Innovation Department, and collaborate directly and closely with the Laboratory supervisor and the Engineering and Innovation Department manager.

The Water Research and Development Specialist will be in charge of the following missions:


Research and Development

-  Propose, develop and implement specific R&D activities related to Teuk Saat safe drinking water production activity;

-  Contribute to the change in attitude needed to reduce Teuk Saat’s carbon footprint and environmental impact, including leading the development of specific project such as lab waste management;

-  Contribute to data management, and app development.


Technical support

-  Enhance site performance and deliver practical solution to maintain the quality and safety of O-we drinking water in a cost-effective manner, with the objective to reach 100% satisfactory results during monthly water quality monitoring;

-  Provide scientific knowledge and recommendation to operate and maintain water treatment material, to implement technical process, or conduct any other activity requiring scientific knowledge and ability;

-  Investigate, monitor and deliver root cause analysis of water quality issues, delivering practical solution;


Laboratory mentoring and capacity building

-  Build capacity within the laboratory teams, for now in PNP, BTB, and KPC provinces, to improve their operational standard in order to ensure best practice is successfully implemented and maintained;

-  Provide support and training to lab staffs, and all Teuk Saat’s staffs involved with water quality in order to reach best practice management. This include an active participation in process like site selection for new factory, water quality monitoring, or sanitary inspection for instance;



-  Support the development of the commercial component of Teuk Saat laboratories, by benchmarking the local sector, establishing the ways and means to breakeven, implement the determined strategy, and explore business opportunities;

-  Design technical and financial proposal to answer Teuk Saat clients’ needs in term of water analysis and quality monitoring.


Moreover, the Water Research and Development Specialist will be responsible for developing a more comprehensive’s understanding of the chemistry behind the science and technology used to produce safe drinking water within le laboratory team, the Engineering and Innovation Department, as well as the whole Teuk Saat community.

Contract: Full time job - starting as soon as possible. A long-term contract will be offered depending on performance with a 3-month probation period.  


-       1 500 usd per month

-       13th month

-       Employee’s benefit under the Law of the Royal Government of Cambodia are fully provided 


- Senior professional, with international experience, including at least 5 years’ experience in laboratory, ideally in a commercial and certified laboratory involved in water testing and other environmental matters;

- Relevant international science degree, including a strong curriculum in chemistry, biology and/or water treatment;

-  Ability and experience in project management, including design, implementation, and reporting;

- Experienced, and will to be strongly involved in mentoring and capacity building activities;

- Appetence and experience for data management, quality control, M&E activity and process, and use of common data analysis software;

- Proactive attitude, reliable, “can do” attitude, open mind, and ability to work independently but in a participative manner and in a multi-cultural environment;

- Flexible and mobile;

- Ability to share information, communicate and report with team members;

- Full proficiency with English as working language;

- Knowledge and experience in hydrology, hydrogeology, sales and/or marketing could be an asset as well as Khmer language.

Finally, given the seniority of the job, it is expected that the Water Research and Development Specialist will, over his/her probation period of 3 month, developed his/her own understanding of Teuk Saat’s situation and needs. Thus, in cooperation with the Laboratory supervisor and the Engineering & Innovation Department Manager, the Water Research and Development Specialist is expected to shape his own responsibilities and work plan.

How to apply?
Applicants are invited to share a resume and cover letter to: hr@teuksaat1001.com, and request an automatic “Delivery Receipt”. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.
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