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Posted on 01-23-2020

Life Project 4 Youth

The LP4Y Alliance is a network of 18 local organizations dedicated to the professional and social insertion of excluded Young Adults (17-24) living in extreme poverty. The Alliance currently operates in 13 different countries. In teams of 17, the Young Adults gain hands-on experience in developing microeconomic activities as part of a 9-month training period within Life Project Centers. This is followed by 3 months of professional integration.

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Created in September 2015, the Youth Inclusion Network (YIN) is a network of companies willing to reduce poverty and committed for the inclusion of youth issued from exclusion. They work together by sharing and developing HR policies, CSR or training programs and business strategies that will facilitate youth inclusion.  

The YIN has been initiated and is supported by LP4Y which mission is the social and professional insertion of impoverished Young Adults living in exclusion. The YIN gathers companies and partners with any stakeholders that could help to facilitate youth inclusion such as ministries, LGUs, universities, vocational schools or NGOs. As such, the YIN acts as a catalyst that promotes, shares and supports all the initiatives for Youth Inclusion.



Contract: VSI - Volontariat de Solidarité Internationale

Possible location: Philippines, India, Vietnam

The missions of the Project Manager Youth Inclusion Network are: 

  • Project facilitator between YIN members and partners (NGOs, schools, institutions, etc.)
  • YIN PHILIPPINES: Make the link between the 4 committees’ members and the board
  • YIN PHILIPPINES: Follow every committees’ actions and act as a support to organize the meetings. 
  • YIN PHILIPPINES: Organise the board meeting: schedule, venue, minute…
  • YIN PHILIPPINES: Participate in the recruitment of new members, follow up with  them to sign the charter and register for one or several actions in the year
  • YIN VIETNAM: Assist with the development of the YIN VIETNAM - Elaborate a strategy together with the Country Coordo
  • YIN VIETNAM: Support in every action of the Vietnamese team (events organization, members relationship, …)
  • YIN INDIA: Assist with the launch of the YIN INDIA - Elaborate a strategy together with the Country Coordo
  • ALL YIN: Update the members and partners directory
  • ALL YIN: Update the existing  database on the Drive, in order to collect the data and  to record statistics on the YIN Impact (number of youths impacted by trainings, company visits etc.)
  • ALL YIN: Manage internal and external communication: website, social media, flyers…
  • ALL YIN Organise the events: YIN Nights, Forum, monthly meetings
  • Reporting to YIN Global in Paris

Now recruiting for August 2020.

To apply for this mission, please send your resume and motivation letter, both in English to Cliquez sur candidater pour accéder aux informations.  

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