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Paris, France
Posted on 10-22-2019

Curious Connect

Lancer la carrière de jeunes talents issus de la diversité dès le niveau BAC

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Our Tech start-up, Curious Connect, was born from my school friend and co-founder Tatijana and I realising two things:

  • Inequalities are strikingly high between our socio-economic backgrounds and the environments we reached post-studies
  • The training and experiences we got whilst working dramatically influenced our current professional choices.

We decided to bridge this gap and focus on giving underprivilege youth access to these opportunities. We are now building the next marketplace for exciting companies and ambitious 18–25 year-old non-graduate youth from underprivileged backgrounds to match and launch promising careers with a single point of entry: apprenticeship. We started in 2019 in Greater Paris and tackle a market that is big, opaque and underperforming:

  • There were over 400k young apprentices in France in June 2017 and the community is growing, i.e. apprenticeship is now widespread practice and there are more and more companies willing to hire apprentices for a wide variety of jobs.
  • Companies of over 250 employees are legally obliged to spend at least 5% of their payroll in hiring and training apprentices, or they get fined.
  • A new apprenticeship levy will be implemented in 2020.
  • 52% of prospective apprentices don’t find an employer willing to train them and cannot move on with their apprenticeship as a result.
  • Talking to Heads of recruitment and HR in several CAC40 companies taught us that big companies struggle on their end to hire the right apprentices and are willing to seek external services for it. They find it difficult to recruit the right candidates with the right skills based on their CV, as they often have limited work experience.

This is when our future COO comes in!

We are now pivoting towards a different business model and are on our way to build an MVP to test with our current corporate leads. This is the time for us to team up and grow the business faster.

We are therefore looking for:

  • A Tech savvy Entrepreneur who’s really good at product and operations
  • An individual who is fast to pick-up, with experience in Management, Legal or Finance.
  • You will have a huge drive and high ambitions, you work hard to achieve your goals, and you need to structure and execute things well following best practices.
  • You are willing to take risks and always looking to improve yourself.
  • You are excited and fully aligned with our vision. ❤️

As part of the executive team, you will be:

  • Co-designing the product with me and in charge of implementing, adapting, and automating it with client-focussed data.
  • Managing our product team and internal communication between teams.
  • Pushing the lines of equal opportunities and fair education further.

By joining Curious Connect as a co-founder and shooting star COO, not only will you boost your social impact and grow our Tech start-up forward but you will be a pivotal part of a friendly and dynamic team, making our entrepreneurial journey even more thrilling. Whether you are in Paris or elsewhere, if this sounds right to you, or if you would like more information, make sure to drop us a line at Cliquez sur candidater pour accéder aux informations.

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