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Social mission

The LP4Y Alliance is a network of 18 local organizations dedicated to the professional and social insertion of excluded Young Adults (17-24) living in extreme poverty.

Job description


The LP4Y Alliance is a network of 18 local organizations dedicated to the professional and social insertion of excluded Young Adults (17-24) living in extreme poverty. The Alliance currently operates in 12 different countries.


Since last July 2018, LP4Y has set a unique and experimental project, the Green Village: an Entrepreneurial Training Center for out-of-school Young Adults nearby Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India.

This soft skill training center has welcomed and trained already 60 Youth coming from skilling programs like Vocational Training Programs (VTPs) or other organisms (livelihood, other NGOs, associations...), helped them in developing professional grooming and employability skills (communication skills, organization and management, time management, business mindset, teamwork, citizenship...). The final objective is to help them to find a stable and decent job (by teaching them, without placement).

This project uses a hands-on pedagogy in social and professional integration of Youth based on the 10 years experience of Life Project 4 Youth Foundation, LP4Y, specialized in integration of excluded Youth.

In a team, the Youth create and develope micro-companies in order to develop skills, gain self-esteem and become actors of their life.


Coach Green Village

Contract : VSI - Volontariat de Solidarité Internationale

Location : India, Chhattisgarh

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Accompany the Youth (17 to 25 years old) with low educational background,
  • Follow and guide the Youth about their personal development and job preparation following the provided syllabus developed by LP4Y (guidance, LP books, individual talks...),
  • Follow and guide the Youth during their job search period,
  • Follow and guide the Youth once they found a job and always encourage them,
  • Work as a team with the other coaches and trainers,
  • Support the trainers to help the Youth in getting employability skills during their training: English communication, computer, communication, professionalism, time management, organization...
  • You will be a role model, who inspires and reveals the talents of the Youth
  • You will develop and maintain the partners’ network around the project: find some punctual person to give professional exposure to the Youth (testimonies and speech), make the link with the local community... -

The missions, which last 13 months renewable, will appeal to candidates who are passionate about development, having already acquired previous experience in the field, preferably in a training organization or in a commercial setting. Successful candidates will be open, dynamic and enterprising, and looking for an opportunity to develop their character and skills in a multi-cultural context. They will also enjoy transmitting their skills with humor, enthusiasm and will be keen team players, committed to making a real difference in the field. Fluent English is required.

Now recruiting for the end of October 2019.

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