Software Engineer (intern)


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Social mission

Réinventer le jeu mobile pour le rendre plus solidaire

Job description

What we do:

We are building a mobile cloud gaming solution, allowing everyone to play any mobile game (even the most demanding) on any smartphone (even the oldest) … in just one click.

Where we are now:

Our technology has already been showcased and acclaimed. We now need some reinforcements to go live.

Why and how we do things:

We are deeply convinced that Fun & Meaning are very powerful when you combine them.

We want to build a fantastic technology, but that also serves society. That’s why we’re called CareGame: our solution structurally supports charities, enabling gamers to become heroes in the real world, unleashing the power of #PlayForGood. We’re very pragmatic dreamers.

We do things seriously without taking ourself too seriously.

We worship balance in many different ways, and we have a bias for action

Job desc

We are looking for software engineering interns proficient in C and RUST, and mastering at least one of the following field (the more the better):

   Networks (protocols, architectures)

   Databases (replication, partitioning, sharding)

   Video Compression

   GPU Accelerated Processing

   Device Drivers

   Virtualization and Emulation (ARM, X64) under various Operating Systems

   Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure)

   Android (Kernel, Apps)

How to apply?
Postulez via ou directement par mail à
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  • Posted on 07-24-2019