Operations internship


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  • Paris, France
  • < 15 persons
Social mission

Chance delivers an augmented coaching experience for professional orientation, to guarantee that anyone - whatever his/her social background - can start the job that will make them happy.

Job description

At Chance, we call the operations team the Care team. They are at the center of what we do, at the crossroads of all our discussions, and are served by all the other teams.

Your missions:

Talent care

As soon as a person enters the program, the satisfaction of this person becomes your responsibility and your obsession!

Coach care

We work with a community of coaches to serve our users. We co-construct the product with them, they are an extension of Chance.

As for the talents, the coaches need to live a fantastic experience with Chance from the moment they are recruited.

Voice of the users

Since you will be in direct contact with our users (both talents and coaches), you will be their representative.

Their problems will become your problems and you will constantly be collecting feedbacks. All this intel needs to be communicated to the rest of the team, so that we can collectively find adequate solutions. Constant improvements should always be in your mind with the goal of increasing the user’s satisfaction and the way we work.

How to apply?
Please send us an email: juliette.sannicolo@chance.co
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  • Posted on 07-15-2019