Project manager - Media - Paris

Long term
Paris, France
Posted on 01-07-2019


Created in 2012, Sparknews is a social enterprise whose mission is to amplify positive impact initiatives to build a more inclusive and respectful world. Throughout the media or enterprises, we showcase these impactful initiatives to inspire everyone, restore confidence and encourage action. Sparknews is based in Paris and employs twenty people, around the same values: authenticity, collaborative spirit, optimism and commitment.

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The Position: Context and Main Missions

Sparknews works with about one hundred media outlets around the world to build year-round public awareness programs based on collaborative journalism. In 2018, four major programs were launched, on the themes of the Empowerment of Women, Climate, Health. Sparknews has also won a Google grant to develop a digital tool to identify and share solutions-oriented articles.

The coordination of these operations is managed by the Sparknews' media team, including 3 people, as well as freelancers and project managers. In 2019, we want to develop and modernize these different programs to give them a higher impact. Sparknews is looking for a new and dynamic project leader, passionate about innovation in the media:

  • Understand and assimilate Sparknews' DNA and values, our history with the media, the unique approach and the specific value we bring them.
  • Help set up the Impact Journalism Movement that characterizes this new way of collaborating with the media: communication with media partners, formalizing the benefits and way of working  of this movement
  • Develop four editorial programs in 2019: define topics (in coordination with internal teams), seek funding (foundations, companies), coordinate the production of these programs and associated communication, the financial and impact reporting.
  • Manage, with the active support of the media team, the Google DNI-funded R&D program: development of a semantic tool and a collaborative platform to facilitate the sharing of solutions-oriented content across media in different countries.

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • Experience in project management and team coordination
  • Experience of / interest in the news media world: their challenges, their ways of working (writing, management, innovation ...), the new digital models (pure players, social networks ...)
  • Be "solutions"-oriented  and have a good capacity to adapt
  • Be autonomous (search for funding) as well as able to work in teams (production of programs with internal teams)
  • Have excellent communication skills (listening, asking good questions, understanding needs and responsiveness)
  • Rigor, precision, good written and oral expression and capacity to manage budgets with ease
  • Bilingual French/English


3 to 5 years of experience in project coordination (for media, agency, etc.)

Would be a plus ...

  • Knowledge of the creative production chain (graphics, video)
  • Experience and interest in digital project management (specific vocabulary, agile project management)

Location: Paris

Type and start of contract: CDI, ASAP