Positions: Communications, Web Dev, Recruiting, Translation, Creative, and Activity Moderators!

The MIX Movement

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Social mission

Global Cultural Cohesion

Job description

The MIX Movement is a young and ambitious initiative to make cultural exchange intriguing, easy and fun; we're connecting cultures for a global cultural revolution!

Why collaborate with the MIX Movement?

  • Association with a global brand who in its infancy is already scaling exponentially (in 6 cities in only 2 months!).
  • Valuable working experience in: communications, event planning, team work and management, web development, the development of an impact focused social enterprise, marketing & advertising, and more!
  • Flexible working schedule (min 4 hours a week)
  • A "Team of Teams" where team members are focused on creative collaborations, and inspiring one another to be the best version of themselves as professionals and individuals.
  • We write excellent reference letters ;)

So, what exactly is the MIX Movement? MIXMovement.com will function as an event platform where anyone can Find A MIX, Make A MIX or Request A MIX in a city they live, or a city they're traveling to!

What's a MIX? It's an acronym for: Mutual Interest eXchange

Every MIX follows these guidelines:

  • A MAXIUMUM of 8 participants (up to 4 locals & 4 travelers). This allows for a meaningful cultural exchange!
  • The theme, time, and location is chosen by the MIX Moderator (Mod). The MIX Mod is not a teacher, but a cultural liaison who shows up early, guides the introductions, helps with language barriers and encourages everyone's participation. The theme is up to the imagination (food, music, yoga, climbing, hiking, photography, we've eve done Coffee At A Cat Café 😂).
  • Organized in public spaces (never at someone's home), like cultural/social centers, museums, hostels, parks, cafes, etc. This gives people who are meeting strangers some peace of mind.

MIX Mods organize MIXs in a city they live, or a city they're traveling to. Until our website is ready, MIX Mods use Facebook, Couchsurfing & MeetUp to inspire participation.

MIXs give people who don't travel a fun and easy way to meet people from around the world. MIXs also provide travelers a simple & entertaining opportunity to engage local people and do something different while they're traveling!

Out motto is: Discover People, Discover You!

Cultural exchange is the seed for cultural progression, and we're excited to get the earth MIXing to inspire tolerance, acceptance and cultural cohesion. Be a part of our team, and you will be part of every MIX, forever!

You can find more information about the specific positions available at mixmovement.com/collaborate

How to apply?
There is a paid Communications Director position available in Lisbon. The rest of the positions are available on an internship/volunteer-basis. Minimum commitment is 5 hours a week for three months (flexible schedule). Use Calendly.com/mixmovement - to schedule a time to speak with us. Please, be sure to have read the website well!
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