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Role Overview: 

This is a truly unique opportunity to lead on the creation of an epic global impact investment model which can change the world. We are looking for an entrepreneurial person to seize an opportunity to take a very early stage, but proven, idea and run with it. We want someone motivated to change the world, with passion for business as a force for good, with vision and skills to build a movement. There will be a great deal of independence, though you will have support from a founding advisory board. 

Start Date: November 2018

Hours: This can be a part time or a full-time role. 

Location: flexible hot desking base at 105 Sumner Street, London, SE1 9HZ. 

Compensation: a founders stipend to get this up & running until sustainable income secured.

Deadline to apply: 5th October. Interviews to be held w/c 22nd October.

How to apply: Apply by sending your CV & a cover note to pa@tristramstuart.co.uk. For bonus points but not essential, please include a link in your cover note to a brief 60 second video of yourself explaining why you think you're a great fit for the role. 

About Equity for Good (EFG):

It is an innovative social impact investment model co-founded by Tristram Stuart, Rob Wilson and Louisa Ziane, based on their decades of experience founding, scaling, working with and advising social enterprises. The first ever EFG investment raise was masterminded and led by the social enterprise Toast Ale in 2018.

To scale any start-up business, capital is typically required which often means equity investment. The social business sector is no different and a thriving impact investment market has evolved globally with £billions being invested into mission driven businesses. Whilst ethical business has focused on the product and the processes, there’s another product that all these businesses create: money in the form of capital growth. And there’s no scrutiny on where this value created by businesses goes. If dissipated into the economy as a whole, we can be fairly sure at least some of it is going to do harm to the environment and to society and counteract the positive actions being taken by the social enterprise creating this value. 

In contrast there have been incredibly positive developments in recent decades about how businesses treat their employees (think ‘Investor in People’), or how a business manages its transparent supply chain or works with suppliers (think ‘fair trade’ or ‘anti-slavery’) or what a business chooses to do with its profits (think ‘1% for the planet’). Additionally, B Corp provides a holistic certification that a business has met minimum standards regarding its relationship with workers, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.

EFG offers businesses and investors the chance to stand out as mission-driven and publicly demarcate how the shareholder value created is going to grow and perpetuate good in the economy. This will provide transparency for social enterprise stakeholders, reassurance for its customers and brand value for mission-driven companies and investors. 

The EFG investment model is rooted in a legally binding pledge made by impact investors at the investment stage. The Pledgor agrees to reinvest (or donate) a set % of the value of any net capital gain made in a social impact investment to one, two or any combination of all three of the following:

a) Reinvest into another social enterprise or social impact investment fund.

b) Gift to a registered Charity of your choice.

c) Gift to a not-for-profit that is not registered as a charity.

We define ‘net capital gain’ as all money made on top of the initial sum invested, net of tax and a nominal inflationary return on the original investment (set at UK GBP annual LIBOR rate + 2% per annum).

Proof of Concept: 

The investment model was first proven in 2018 when the social enterprise Toast Ale (www.toastale.com), with which Tristram, Rob and Louisa are all involved, raised £1.4m in equity funding based on the EFG terms. 

Ideal Candidate Profile

• You should be passionate and knowledgeable about impact investment and business as a force for good.

• You will be hungry to build your own enterprise, organisation or movement. 

• We are ideally looking for someone with great networks in the social enterprise world.

• You will be an excellent relationship builder and negotiator and must speak English. Additional languages are preferred. 

• The role will also require a great deal of project management, so previous experience in this area is a must. 

Educational background: You will ideally have had some education and training in business administration, law, social enterprise, management or a related field at Bachelor’s or Master’s level e.g. MBA. However, we’re open to applicants from individuals who have considerable practical experience without formal further education. 

Key Responsibilities: 

• Develop and implement a business, finance and marketing strategy for Equity for Good within 3 months

• Raise capital within 6 months to fund EFG beyond the stipend period 

• Build and manage an EFG website and social media presence (particularly LinkedIn)

• Liaise with the founding advisory board

Founding Advisory Board: 

You will be able to draw upon the founding advisory board:

Tristram is an award-winning campaigner on food waste. He authored Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal 2009 and Bloodless Revolution 2007, and is an Ashoka Fellow, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, a WEF Young Global Leader and a Champion 12.3 for the Sustainable Development Goals. He founded Toast Ale and the charity Feedback .

Rob is a serial social entrepreneur, currently Chief Toaster (CEO) at Toast Ale. Previously he led Ashoka in the UK, founded READ International in 2004; co-founded Generation Change in 2012, co-founded Undivided in 2016; and co-authored a book with his wife Nikki about social entrepreneurs in Africa called On the Up.

Louisa set-up Toast Ale in late 2015, and is now Chief Brand Officer. She’s a chartered management accountant and began her career at the Financial Conduct Authority. After gaining a Masters in Environmental Decision Making, she worked as a consultant at the Carbon Trust advising on sustainability strategies. She also sits on the Governing Board of a local school and is on the Finance Committee.

How to apply?
Apply by sending your CV & a cover note to pa@tristramstuart.co.uk. For bonus points but not essential, please include a link in your cover note to a brief 60 second video of yourself explaining why you think you're a great fit for the role.
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