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Job description

Before you read any further. We will not pay you a damn thing. Not a single Euro. For now at least. Maybe later. 
But you don't apply to this job for money. You apply because you share our passion. Because you believe in what we believe.



You are allowed to read on.

The product: chat app for university students

We just launched the very first version of Differ, a chat app for university students giving all course-related chats in one place. Even though we only have a MVP, we got lots of universities waiting to use Differ in their courses.

Soon we will be adding pedagogical chatbots (robots you can chat with) to Differ. Chatbots are robot user students can ask questions to and chat with. If the universities like Differ, they simply love the chatbots.

The goal: All students in the world collaborate

We believe Differ will make higher education vastly better than today. If you want to know how, check out our master plan.
Summed up, we all students to collaborate instead of fighting for the grades. That's why we build a student collaboration app with chatbot teaching assistants.

Luckily, some major players around the world believe in us. This article in edsurge explains it pretty well. We are proud of that article.
But as a matter of fact, we rather help shy students then getting nice PR. In a letter to himself 20 years ago, one of our founders explains.

The plan: Win Paris

This summer we plan to join the first batch of the European education technology accellerator Learnspace. It's a 11 week programme with top players from the edtech industry. We will be mentored by, work with, and drink with the some of the brighest minds in terms of distrupting education.

Some of us will relocate from Oslo to Paris this summer. But we need help in conquering Paris. We are neither native nor speak French.

And this is where you come in. The basic plan is:

  • Create plan how to make the students in Paris Differ
  • Do it
  • Create plan how to make the students worldwide Differ
  • Do it

We will do everything we can to get attention from our target group. It will probably include hacking media, social media, guerrilla marketing and some growth hacking. Whatever it takes

: Intern helping us win Paris

We need help to win Paris, then go global. Since we are sick'n'tired of consultants in suits and strategy documents, we rather work with a passionate intern. The right person(s) will work directly with the founders and get insight in everything that happens in a startup preparing for going global. We will involve you, trust you and give you more responsibility than you think you deserve.  

Tasks include planning who to reach the goal, execute, learn from mistakes and repeat. If you are as good as we hope, there is a possibility you can join us longer when we scale up.

Both part-time and full-time possible. It's more important to get the right shit done then when you do it.

You: Someone we like drinking with

If you are a PR/marketing student, we will for sure do stuff they don't teach you at school.

So who are you? We don't know what kind of background you have. We don't know your age, skills or experience. But we know the following:

  • You are not afraid of making decisions
  • You want to learn by doing
  • You can get shit done
  • You have higher ambitions than being an intern
  • You, for some strange reason, have a strong belief you will like drinking with us

Do you know that person?

Can't wait to hear from you :)

How to apply?
Drop us Geir an email (geir(a) link to something about yourself, and tell him why you rock.
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