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Job description
View the full opportunity on: Passionate about digital storytelling? Restless to start a new adventure guided by purpose? In love with powerful contents and new media? PLACE is looking for exceptional STORYTELLERS to communicate the role migration can have in shaping a brand new world. As the PLACE collective grows across Europe and labs unfold in different cities, we are looking for highly skilled individuals to develop a strong voice about migration, identity and innovation on the global stage and across channels. This is a freelance, part-time position for autonomous, collaborative professionals who are familiar with digital storytelling and have been successful in creating original and efficient contents before. Many events and most of the PLACE network team is based in Paris, but location is flexible. Regular participation in labs and events in Paris (and ideally across other locations in Europe) is necessary, as well as fluent English. Responsibilities include: Creating original contents in a variety of formats (video, written, audio and visual) Diffusing contents across social media and other types of media Getting to know the voices on the subject and setting up alliances Guiding dialogue across sectors and countries and producing timely input Skills and behaviour needed: Design skills to produce innovative formats (at a minimum InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and basic video editing) Completely fluent in social media strategies Experience with PR/media relations Capacity to strategize, coordinate and influence senior teams and partnerships At ease with website coordination and updating (WordPress is a must) Comfortable with communication tools (Slack, Mailchimp, Google Drive, Trello)- or quick learner! Simple but effective project-management skills – gets the job done, no matter what High autonomy, capacity to reach goals independently Excellent communicator: gets the message across perfectly in person, in writing, over the phone… At ease with time-pressure/acceleration phases What’s the PLACE team like? We come from all walks of life, but here are a few points we have in common: We care above all about people We are perfectionists, self-motivated and relentless until we get results We communicate openly and honestly We need playfulness and challenges We excel at working across locations and cultures We breathe through feedback We put results and the team first Sounds like a culture you would thrive in? Read on! Engagement will run from May 2018 onwards. You will be working closely but autonomously within a team of 6 (and growing). Most of the work is carried out in flexible mode- self-organized to reach team objectives, which are set together. Retribution will depend on profile.
How to apply?
1. Links to - Stuff you’ve done that you think is representative of your skills (we are open-minded!) (minimum: written and video) - Storytelling approaches (websites, blog articles, photos, video capsules etc.) that inspire you, on any subject, with a brief explanation of why you find each of them inspiring (can be in terms of contents or format- try to send both) 2. Your CV 3. A letter in English that answers the following questions : Why do you want PLACE to be one of the next steps in your life? How would you describe PLACE to someone who just heard about it and knows nothing about the sector? (one sentence is enough, or more if you wish). When do you perform at your best? What do you need to thrive? Please also include details about what you’ve been doing until now. We all have incredibly varied lives and are not interested in linearity so don’t worry if you don’t fit into boxes- but we are really interested in skills and drive.
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  • Posted on 03-15-2018