Supply Chain Manager

Solaris Offgrid

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Job description
- Develop supply chain and logistics processes and strategies to reduce costs and/or improve lead times
- Manage relationship with suppliers, factories and fulfilment partners. Monitor their performances and report on it.
- Negotiate prices, get quotes and process orders from them (with the assistance of a China based buyer)
- Assist in finding suppliers of new products of interest, get quotes and negotiate prices (with the assistance of a China based buyer)
- Work with sales to get accurate projections of future need and help them plan the buying in advance both for our own products and for third party product
- Process orders, and generate quotations for the sales team, including prior research for proper invoicing to ensure smooth custom clearance and minimal tax (e.g. making sure “SOLAR PRODUCT” is printed to get the solar product tax relief)
- Work with our components supplier and factories to ensure the smooth manufacturing of our own product, including advance sourcing and stocking of some key components
- Help evaluate and negotiate with different EMS able to handle the manufacturing of our product (PCB, enclosure, etc.) without needing us to do the component sourcing or coordination
- Discuss with the factories (and later the EMS) to evaluate the bottlenecks in sourcing and production (components with long lead times, complex assembly steps, etc.) and feedback to the design team to create solutions.
- Proactively manage inventory and warehousing of finished products in China, including the sourcing of a warehousing partner
- Handle the preparation of packages/containers and the shipping of finished products by Air or Sea, including the selection of shipping agents and the coordination of pre-shipment certification bodies (with the assistance of a China based buyer)
- Monitor the evolution of legislation and directives and adapt the supply chain accordingly (e.g. lithium batteries shipping regulations, new taxes on solar products, etc.)
How to apply?
Send us a quick email ( with your resume and tell us why you’re excited to join us.
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