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Posted on 11-22-2017

LIP6, UPMC Sorbonne Universités

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The EMBERS team at UPMC Sorbonne Universités is recruiting a Mobile/Web Developer to develop a prototype solution answering a mobility challenge (Smart City / Smart Mobility)


Contract: Six month contract (in French, a "CDD")

Salary: between 2183 - 2443€ /month gross, depending on experience and qualifications

Employer: EMBERS, LIP6 Computer Science Laboratory, UPMC Sorbonne Universités (Université de Paris VI), Paris, France


●       Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent (licence in France), or

●       French BTS or DUT diploma, or equivalent, or

●       Higher diploma (Master’s or engineering degree)


●       Fluency in English

●       French is a plus

Technical competencies

●     1-2 years of developing mobile web/mobile applications across devices is desired

●       Excellent programmers will be considered even if you don’t have prior experience

●       Excellent programming skills in HTML5/CSS, Sass, Flex, Angular JS, Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks, JSON

●      Experiences in building responsive/adaptive web and mobile applications

●      Knowledge on hybrid mobile app frameworks, eg. Ionic (plus)

●     Knowledge in client-server protocols, such as RESTful API services

●     Basic knowledge on databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and/or NoSQL)

●     Some knowledge on collaborative tools (git, svn) (helpful)

●     Interest in Lean or Agile tools and methodologies (optional)

●     Critical thinking and problem-solving orientation

●     Ability to work in fast paced environments



●       Good communication and presentation skills

●       Thrives in a collaborative work environment

●       Rigor in programming

Job Description

EMBERS ( ) is a EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 program. The core of the project is to innovate on a smart cities mobility platform, commonly referred to as the Mobility Back-end as a Service Platform (MBaaS), and to prepare it for market readiness. The University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), who is coordinating the project since November 2015, is looking for a mobile/web app developer that implements a prototype solution (either mobile/web app) while using the underlying MBaaS platform in order to access mobility data provided by a city. The MBaaS consists of information technology services that support urban mobility systems. Examples of data that are fed to the MBaaS by these systems include: the real time location of buses, trams, metros, delivery vehicles, and waste haulage vehicles; vehicular traffic volumes as measured by sensors throughout a city; the presence or absence of vehicles in parking spaces; and air pollution measurements at various locations in a city. The MBaaS can be queried for these data, either directly, or combined, or filtered; thanks to a built-in route calculation, engine it can calculate routes for journeys through a city, including multimodal journeys. The basic idea of EMBERS' MBaaS is to serve as an abstraction layer between cities and developers, a layer that hides the technological complexity for (1) cities to easily integrate data of any kind and any sources (historical data, real-time data, data directly from devices/sensors) onto the platform to make it accessible, and for (2) developers to easily access this data and integrate it with the help of the provided API that allows them to fully focus on the challenge and how to solve it. This eases the collaboration between cities and developers on the development of new innovative mobility solutions.

As a mobile/web developer you will be working on various tasks that are in the area of Smart City / Smart Mobility. This might also include to be in charge of developing and implementing a web and/or mobile application on top of the MBaaS platform. The application would then integrate city mobility data via the EMBERS API and solve an interesting challenge.

You will also work in collaboration with our partners at EMBERS and potentially cities, in order to actively contribute to the success and final phase of the EMBERS project, by advancing the development of the MBaaS platform or by developing a mobile/web app that will serve as valuable demonstrator/prototype for that platform.

You will have considerable autonomy in determining development directions for the mobile/web app, including the choice of language (mobile app, native Android/iOS, or using hybrid frameworks), webservice API (it currently has a RESTful API), and database technology (if needed).

You will create a documentation and potentially tutorials to support the partners who might continue with your development.


The position is to work fully in English. As we are in a French-speaking environment, basic knowledge of French would be very beneficial, but is not required.