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Job description

Hello !

We are QuizFlip, a small team driven by an education mission: provide a fun and distraction-free memorization experience, in both foreign language learning and test prep, to unfocused high school and college students. To do so, we are designing some brand new electronic flashcards. This is a short demo video:


We have strong ambitions with the American market over the six upcoming months, with an exciting Kickstarter campaign to be launched at the first quarter of 2018. To handle this, our team is looking for an enthusiastic BADASS DIGITAL MARKETING who has developed these following aptitudes:

  • thirst for knowledge ;
  • adaptability with a go-to attitude ;
  • execution badass to achieve clear given goals ;
  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • strategic thinking on social media (instagram, snapchat, FB)
Also, empathic and incisive English-American writing skills is a strong bonus. Having a good sense of humour too :)


To make our electronic flashcard the top-of-mind “must-have” learning tool in the US within the next 6 months, both in test prep and foreign language learning sectors. And to help the marketing team succeed in their over 750K USD Kickstarter Campaign at the first quarter of 2018.


#LEAD-GENERATION Collect 10K emails before our Kickstarter campaign launch:

  • Plan, execute the best identified online acquisition channels, amongst SEO/SEM, PR, social media and advertising campaigns.
  • Design relevant KPIs and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, experiments, conversion tests and assess against goals.

#EVANGELISATION Develop our online presence with very engaged followers:

  • 6% rate engagement on Instagram, 3% on Facebook, with an accurate tone and the most relevant content (posts, photos, videos, articles etc) for each social media platform.
  • Promote QuizFlip as the new killer product on targeted education/learning blogs and forums.
  • Build and maintain high rating on all social media account.

#PRODUCT-MARKETING Optimize user experience and refine it for the US market:

  • Create landing pages, brochures, press kits, etc. to promote QuizFlip (design to fit target markets)
  • In collaboration with the product team, design and run UX and quantitative prototype tests with potentially relevant communities (SAT prep students, language learners of all ages, kids, etc.)


  • When do we start ? As soon as possible !
  • Where do we work ? At a human-centered co-working space (Rue du Caire - Paris, 2nd arrondissement).
  • Full-time or part-time? Full-time availability required, but could be an intership if needed.
  • Compensation ? Of course but to be discussed, according to your profile and experience.
How to apply?
Excited to join us in our education startup adventure ? You're more than welcome to explain us why and how you will bring strong impact to our project :) =>
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  • Posted on 10-30-2017