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Job description

Main Mission

Develop, coordinate and monitor integrated reforestation / agroforestry projects in Africa.

Specification of activities

1/ Projects development:

-   Assess feasibility of new projects and design project set-up, activities, proceedings

-   Set-up, Plan, Coordinate, and Monitor the implementation of project activities:

-       Beneficiaries identification and registration

-       Farmers trainings

-       Planting and maintenance activities

-       Monitoring of social and environmental impacts

-       Development of other production chains (timber, fruits)

-       Support to farmers rights recognition on trees.

-   Control quality of implementation, improve proceedings

-   Coordinate with PUR Lab manager for the implementation of Impacts monitoring activities

2/ Update Reporting and Communication tools and formats:

-   Complete registry of plantation and GPS database

-   Complete project participants’ database

-   Update project follow-up and management reporting formats

-   Writing of progress reports

3/ Organize field visits:

-   Coordination with visitors, local teams and organizations of producers

-   Design the visit according to the purpose of the visitors

4/ Communication to financing partners:

-   Participate in project’s update presentation to partners and clients

5/ Improvement of proceedings and tools

-   Contribute to the improvement of PUR Projet’s tools and proceedings

-   Contribute to the improvement of PUR Projet’s training and educative material

6/ Audit and improvement of third-party projects

-   Conduct audits of projects developed by third-parties

-   Assist third-parties for the improvement of their field projects or the integration to partners’ broader programs.


The Project Coordinator Africa will work under the supervision of the Project Manager Africa, and in strong collaboration with the Projects Director and PUR Projet Paris team


-   Graduated from an internationally renowned top university with a scientific background (preferably agronomy or agriculture engineer)

-   The position can be adapted to a junior or a senior profile:

−     Junior profile: at least 1 year of experience of field projects implementation and/or management in developing countries

−     Senior profile: 3 to 5 years of experience as a project manager in a corporation or NGO in a developing country

-   Very autonomous, reliable and accountable

-   Strong desire to commit and dedicate his/her experience and energy to a unique socio-environmental business experience, driven by a strong will to contribute to the integration of climate change risks into the world economy

-   Attracted by SMB / start-up environment, with the ambition to develop a fast growing international business - “intrapreneurship” spirit, which particularly relates to a pro-active attitude and hands-on mentality

-   Dynamic, excellent business and relational skills

-   Strong problem-solving capabilities, rigour and formalization. High self-requirement level. Capacity to deliver high-quality services to companies

-   Professional fluency in English and French

Location: flexible with a high level of mobility in Africa (from 30% to 40% of his/her time). Geographic scope include -without being limited to- Morocco, Senegal, Uganda, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

Although the main office of PUR Projet is in Paris, being located in Paris is not a prerequisite for this position.

How to apply?
Please send your resume to and precise [PC Africa – FIRST NAME & NAME] in your email subject. In your application email please answer concisely the following questions (a cover letter is not required at this stage): - Why do you apply for this specific position? Explain concrete drivers of motivation. - What are your strengths and experiences that would make you a strong Project Coordinator Africa? - What do you think are the main stakes you would face in the field at this position?
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