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Job description

Note : La présente fiche de poste est en anglais, cette dernière étant la langue de travail par défaut de PUR Projet. Pour ce poste, la maîtrise de l’anglais n’est pas requise.

PUR Projet, founded in 2008 by Tristan Lecomte (HEC, Founder of Alter Eco, Ashoka fellow, Young Global Leader 2013) and managed by Pierric Jammes since 2010 (X02, Stanford, McKinsey), is a social business whose mission is restoring ecosystems to improve livelihoods and strengthen supply chains. PUR Projet is specialized in the operation of large scale corporate insetting[1] programs, helping companies to understand, assess and reduce their impacts and dependencies on natural capital[2], and to design, implement and monitor efficient insetting operations along their value chains, such as sustainable procurement strategies, sustainable sourcing initiatives and community ecosystems management projects integrated to supply chains. PUR Projet has significant background and track record in the development and operations of reforestation, agroforestry (managing agricultural outputs combining crop and timber/fruit trees planting), and forest conservation insetting field projects, empowering farmer organizations in the design, the implementation, the monitoring and the long-term sustainability of the ecosystems management activities.

PUR Projet manages a portfolio of 40 field projects around the world with diversified farmer groups.

Additional relevant information can be consulted on the following documents:

-   PUR Projet general presentation

-   Presentation of the Insetting Platform, created by PUR Projet and its main partners

Insetting applied to the coffee sector

-   PUR Lab presentation

-   Projects portfolio

PUR Projet is structured around two operational entities:

-       PUR Projet, based in Paris, London, Bangkok and Toronto, works with PUR Projet clients to define and manage their insetting programs. The different phases of an insetting program include: impact assessment and supply chains studies, program definition, program coordination in collaboration with client’s teams, definition of monitoring frameworks, communication on the projects activities and outcomes, and development of marketing or co-financing strategies to involve final consumers or other partners. PUR Projet manages a portfolio of about 50 insetting programs with a team of 15 programs operators.


PUR Development, based in Singapore, London, Paris, Bogota, Bangkok, Kunming, Chang Mai and Awasa implements on the ground the projects and supply chain activities constitutive of the programs designed for PUR Projet’ clients. The projects developers design and develop the projects’ activities in coordination with local teams integrated to the farmers’ organisations. PUR Development also runs the PUR Lab initiative, in charge of measuring and valuing all ecosystem, social and economic services provided by the projects. PUR Development manages a portfolio of 40 field projects across the 5 continents with a team of 15 projects coordinators, working with more than 100 field technicians.

[1] Insetting is for an organization the approach of fighting climate change within its value chain and to generate multiple positive impacts on soils, water, biodiversity, local communities and society (International Platform for Insetting, September 2016)

[2] The stock of renewable and non-renewable natural resources (e.g., plants, animals, air, water, soils, minerals) that combine to yield a flow of benefits to people (adapted from Atkinson and Pearce 1995; Jansson et al. 1994)

PUR Projet is looking for a high-level professional for the position of Projects Coordinator France.


Main Mission

Develop, coordinate and monitor integrated reforestation / agroforestry projects in France.

Coordinate and operate the Concours Arbres d’Avenir

Specification of activities


1/ Projects development:

-   Assess feasibility of new projects and design project set-up, activities, proceedings

-   Set-up, Plan, Coordinate, and Monitor the implementation of project activities:

-       Beneficiaries identification and registration

-       Farmers trainings

-       Planting and maintenance activities

-       Monitoring of social and environmental impacts

-       Development of other production chains (timber, fruits)

-       Support to farmers rights recognition on trees.

-   Control quality of implementation, improve proceedings

-   Coordinate with PUR Lab manager for the implementation of Impacts monitoring activities

2/ Concours Arbres d’Avenir:

-   Contribute to the writing of the Concours rules and timeline

-   Collect applications and Assess eligibility of candidates, following the assessment grid and selection criteria

-   Exchange with potential candidates during the application process

-   Shortlist technically interesting projects, to be presented to a jury composed of agroforestry experts

-   Organise and Animate the selection jury meeting

-   Follow-up with laureates along the Concours’ duration: advice on plantation models, collection of documentation and deliverables, administrative coordination

-   Coordinate local action with the Concours’ technical partners

-   Take part in the organisation of the Award Ceremony

3/ Update Reporting and Communication tools and formats:

-   Complete registry of plantation and GPS database

-   Complete project participants’ database

-   Update project follow-up and management reporting formats

-   Writing of progress reports

4/ Organize field visits:

-   Coordination with visitors, local teams and organizations of producers.

-   Design the visit according to the purpose of the visitors

5/ Communication to financing partners:

-   Participate in project’s update presentation to partners and clients

6/ Improvement of proceedings and tools

-   Contribute to the improvement of PUR Projet’s tools and proceedings

-   Contribute to the improvement of PUR Projet’s training and educative material

7/ Audit and improvement of third-party projects

-   Conduct audits of projects developed by third-parties

-   Assist third-parties for the improvement of their field projects or the integration to partners’ broader programs.




The Projects Coordinator France will work under the supervision of the Projects Director, and in strong collaboration with PUR Projet Paris team



-   Graduated from an internationally renowned top university with a scientific background (preferably agronomy or agriculture engineer)

-   The position can be adapted to a junior or a senior profile:

−     Junior profile: at least 1 year of experience of field projects implementation with farmers in France

−     Senior profile: 5 to 15 years of experience in as a project engineer including several years of field projects implementation with farmers in France

-   Strong desire to commit and dedicate his/her experience and energy to a unique socio-environmental business experience, driven by a strong will to contribute the integration of climate change risks into the world economy

-   Attracted by SMB / start-up environment, with the ambition to develop a fast growing international business - “intrapreneurship” spirit, which particularly relates to a pro-active attitude and hands-on mentality

-   Dynamic, excellent business and relational skills

-   Strong problem-solving capabilities, rigour and formalization. High self-requirement level. Capacity to deliver high-quality services to companies

-   Professional fluency in English would be an asset.

Location: Based in France, with a high level of mobility. Although the office of PUR Projet in France is in Paris, being located in Paris is not a prerequisite for this position.

How to apply?
Send a short email with a CV at More details on the recruitment process at
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