Graphic designer, photographer or video maker (travel volunteering)

Posted on 02-14-2017

Pack Your Skills

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Live 15 days in Paris, discover the social-entrepreneurship ecosystem and help a startup to change the world with your best skills.

Pack Your Skills is a new startup that brings together a Packer and a Crew for the duration of the mission.

  • 🎒 🎒 🎒 PACKERS are travelers who wish to get involved in local projects during their trip using their skills in exchange for room and accommodation.
  • ⚓️ ⚓️ ⚓️ CREWS are teams from local projects (startups or charities) whose primary mission is to solve a societal issue and who need key skills to develop their activity.

We are a kind of wwoofing for social entrepreneurship which values the skills of the travelers.

We are launching the very first 5 pilot projects

  • 📍 - in Paris
  • 📅 - in March 
  • ⌛️ - 15 days (from 18th March to 1st April)
  • 🎒 - for travellers with 💎 skills in ✏️ graphic-design or in photo/video 🎥 
  • 🏠 - in exchange for accomodation 🚽 🚿
  • 🎉 - for a mission with the ⚓️ team Le Drenche, Improve, Meet My Mama, Les Talents d'Alphonse and with the team of Pack Your Skills

Do you want to be one of the Packers ?

For more information about the mission

# Les Talents d'Alphonse fights the isolation of seniors and needs a graphic designer :

# (IM)Prove is doing social impact assessments and needs a video maker :

# Meet My Mama employs women from all kinds of migrations to enhance their culinary skills and needs a photographer :

# Le Drenche is a newspaper which help every person to make their very own opinion and needs a graphic designer:

And for Pack Your Skills

Take time to define THE meaningful jobs that would really suit you!