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Posted on 01-18-2017


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We are on the look-out for curious and bold individuals, willing to learn innovation and facilitation techniques by getting involved in a collective journey that encourages migrants to develop their own projects.

PLACE is looking for volunteers with talent and experience in innovation processes to join our diverse and experienced team leading the labs, so that each lab has a pool of co-facilitators, which give it a unique style and impact.
Designers, prototypers, makers, group facilitators, drawers, performers (for rehearsing pitches) and any other creative skill that you can think of all have their place in PLACE labs.
We are looking for a small group of very motivated individuals, that are looking to experiment with their skills, cross them with others’, and have a strong interest with what PLACE stands for.

What you will get
  • Training on facilitation techniques that you may not be familiar with, and an opportunity to use them in practice during labs
  • The opportunity to apply your skills with a diverse group of migrants, refugees and host civil society participants, to deepen the impact of your skills
  • Become a PLACEmaker – a creative, diverse group of engaged individuals and organisations experimenting together to create the conditions for migrant-led innovation in Europe. A very friendly bunch that works as a lively collective
  • Direct collaboration experience with other creative people in Paris seeking to promote innovation skills, who might come in handy for your future projects
  • Certification on your experience in facilitation and innovation processes, delivered jointly by PLACE, Wow!Labs and Makesense
What it involves from you
  • Minimum 2 half days for being trained/briefed on PLACE labs, deepening innovation facilitation skills and meeting other co-facilitators (during week-ends or evenings)
  • Minimum 4 days, to co-facilitate 2 labs (most likely at week-ends), chosen from February to August (in total 6 PLACE labs will occur, more or less on a monthly rhythm). Labs last on average 2 days. Ideally, you can join more than 1 lab so that collaboration between co-facilitators deepens

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