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Posted on 09-16-2016

Plastic Free Cambodia - Cleanbodia

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Few countries compare to the extreme usage of plastic in daily Cambodian life, over 50 bags a week....per person! Without the proper infrastructure to regulate the use and disposal of plastic, Cambodia suffers from health, sanitation, and environmental issues related to plastic. Often, the beautiful landscapes and big smiles of the locals are hidden behind mounds of garbage.

To combat this seeming addiction, two environmentally-focused projects were recently started and have quickly gained traction as a force of change in Cambodia. Plastic Free Cambodia and Cleanbodia are separate social enterprises but work hand-in-hand to minimize plastic usage in Cambodia. Because both share the same objectives and clients, they are looking for a joint intern to help foster growth and make an immediate and direct impact on the environment.

Plastic Free Cambodia is an educational start-up. Our aim is to raise awareness about plastic pollution and plastic over-consumption.
What do we do? We are conducting workshops, trainings and lessons in schools, uni, restaurants, private companies... Explaining why plastic is bad and what we can do to change.
Why do we do that? Because we care about our planet and we think that one small action can make a big change.
Today we are a group of volunteers but we are working on a business model to make it more sustainable.
Do you want to make Cambodia a better and cleaner place? Do you want to join a team of great young people coming from all over the world?

We are looking for a sales and prospecting intern. We need to work on our business model and find new clients and beneficiaries.

Cleanbodia is a social enterprise aimed at reducing plastic usage in Cambodia by raising awareness and creating innovative products. As a startup, our current project is the design and distribution of biodegradable plastic bags. In under a year we have over 100 businesses, organizations, and schools across 6 cities that use our products. While our progress is a good start, Cambodia's addiction to plastic is also increasing. We are looking to rapidly increase the number of product offerings and outreach to prospective customers in the next 12 months. If you want to be a part of positive, environmental change where your work and ideas have a direct impact on results, the Cleanbodia team is what you are looking for!

Cleanbodia seeks a qualified and enthusiastic intern to assist in marketing and sales. Responsibilities will include assisting in marketing strategy development, content creation, social media marketing, product development, and customer service.

We are looking for:
A confident, can-do and proactive attitude.
A persuasive enthusiasm for social and environmental action
Strong organisational skills and good attention to detail.
Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate appropriately with people at all levels, motivate people and build relationships.
Ability to work well within a team or independently
A flexible approach combining energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.
Experience of student social action is not essential but would be highly desirable.
Able to empathise and work with a diverse range of people.

The intern will be based in Phnom Penh, 6 months minimum.
Part-time for Plastic Free Cambodia
Part-time for Cleanbodia
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