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inoover Digital Solution Lab

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Job description
inoover Digital Solution Lab (www.inoover.com) is a Tech Innovation Lab based at Impact Hub Phnom Penh, a incubator for social start-up. Our main mission is to improve local capacity and bring innovation to build tech products that matter to people’s lives. inoover keeps challenging ourselves out of our comfort zone by doing exciting projects and using very less resource to produce the best result.
Due to our dramatic growth, inoover is looking for a committed Web Developer to join our dynamic team. The primary focus will be responsible in developing web application.

Something to know before you APPLY

  • We work really hard, but we also love having fun all the time.
  • We love asking ourselves and others a lot of questions because we strong believe being curious makes us creative. Also, it’s one the ways we keep growing and learning.
  • Everyone in the team is very passionate of what we are doing. We love solving new problems and because of this, we never mind working for long hours sometimes. It’s just fun to spend time building solutions for our people.
  • We respect and appreciate everyone in the team. The great success is about the team; the great team is about understanding, sharing and learning together. Work with good people and respect people. Everyone is the key player to each project’s success!
  • We love to be crazy! We think in creative and innovative way. It’s crazy but it’s possible.
  • We always keep challenging with new amazing project by using cutting-edge technology that is scalable and powerful for developers to bring the best technology solution for customers.
  • If you have Github, Bitbucket or any public projects that you involved in, please send to us. We love to see how active you are in the communities.

  • Have strong background in Functional Programming - able to connect every function and pass the parameters.
  • Understand and able to implement Object Oriented Programming - OOP
  • Has background in C, C++, Java or Python. Knowledge in Ruby or NodeJS is a plus.
  • SQL language is a must as most of our projects interacts with different kinds of database systems.
  • Basic background in web front-end development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript or SASS would be great.
  • Be passionate to learn and do coding, brainstorming by using innovative solution. We love shortcut, fastest and safest way.

Starting date: ASAP

How to apply?
Please send us your CV and Cover Letter and projects/source code that you have done to chakrya.chea@inoover.com | rya.chea@gmail.com
More informations
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Website
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  • Posted on 04-14-2016
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