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Job description
CoRe is an amazing project, we promise!!

CoRe is your personalized label, combining technology and civil society to give you the information you want, from the sources you trust, on the social, environmental, social and health impacts of the products you buy.
It will re-define "voting with your wallet" towards real and measurable change.

you can get some information on it here:
- our TedX (explaining the WHY)
- a pitch made at SenseCube (explaining the HOW)

Moreover, CoRe is an horizontal structure, with no hierarchies of power, and running under "halocracy". This means that you will only be an intern if you lock yourself in that position. Everyone here has a say on strategy, priorities and project leads.
If you like something, or believe it to be important, make (it) your own project and develop it with us: inspire and activate your team, select the skills you'll need, present a brief plan for approval and co-develop a timeline with commitments, expected deliverable and dates.

You will never want to work in another way again.
No annoying bosses, no work you don't find useful. Just a lot of fun, collective intelligence and hard work towards meaningful and self-defined outcomes

3 main areas to focus on:

  • Brand activation
  1. understand what CoRe stands for, what it means for you and share it with the world
  2. co-define language, tone, approach of online communications
  3. co-define strategy for dissemination of information, calendar of releases, events, etc
  4. co-define target audiences, co-decide on best ways to approach and engage them, co-develop and host events, reach out to media or any other ideas you might brainstorm with our team
  • Social Media Strategy
  1. co-design and maintain website/FB apge, Linkedin, etc
  2. co-define calendar of activities
  3. connect everything online for coherence
  4. bring yourself into the strategy and make it a part of CoRe
  • Other Comm as needed/wanted
  1. Help build the website! 
  2. Videos, explainers, photos, blog entries
  3. crowdfunding campaigns
  4.  events
  5. teases, street actions, focused campaigns,
  6. collaborations with other entities,
  7. reach out to NGOs, watchdogs, partners for information gathering, etc

How to apply?
Just send us a Email, facebook message or ANYTHING (cover letters can be so boring...) to show us your creativity, drive, and alignment wit our project!
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  • Posted on 03-18-2016
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