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Posted on 03-01-2016

The Unreasonable Institute

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The Unreasonable Institute

The Unreasonable Institute gives an “unreasonable advantage” to entrepreneurs creating solutions to the world’s biggest social and environmental problems. We do this by running programs for entrepreneurs where they connect with mentors, investors, and a global network of support. In the past five years, 100+ ventures from 41 countries have attended our program in Boulder, CO. Collectively they have raised over $50 million in funding, grown their revenues and teams by over 2.5x within a year of leaving the program and have impacted over 2,000,000 lives.

We have partnered with Gary Community Investments to run an accelerator for entrepreneurs developing innovative, scalable solutions to improve the lives of low-income children ages 0 to 5. This program will assemble a dozen highly vetted startups from across the United States in Denver, CO.

Core Job to Be Done

Your mission: From setting up the registration table, to decoration, food and flow, from running order to closing it down, you will be responsible for ensuring smooth execution of the program. This also includes managing staff and volunteers the day of. Although event day may start at dawn and end at dusk, you will be committed to doing whatever it takes to make the event flawless, fun and Unreasonably awesome.

Dates: 8 weeks, May 10 - July 1st


Unreasonable Institute is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The program will be in Denver, Colorado from June 19th - June 25th.

Key Responsibilities


  • Liaising with the Gary Community Investments to ensure their experience of having Unreasonable in their venue is a positive one.
  • Liaising with the accommodation owners to ensure their experience of having Unreasonable in their venue is a positive one.
  • Assigning rooms to Fellows to ensure they are sharing with like-minded individuals and are therefore as happy and comfortable as possible
  • Assigning rooms to Mentors and Capital Partners on a regular basis as they flow through the program
  • Designing the workspace/s and accommodations to make them inviting
  • Organizing move in and move out of GCI and accommodations
  • Recruiting and managing volunteers for the program


  • Liaising with venue staff – providing them with clear event running orders in advance and thanking them for their help after the event
  • Dealing with any housing, venue or food crises (flooding, overheating, no-shows, etc)
  • Keeping GCI clean and tidy on a daily basis.
  • Leading the execution and management of the investor forum and happy hour.
  • Doing whatever it takes to ensure that we send the next generation of entrepreneurs into the world prepared to tackle its greatest challenges. From last-minute Target runs to helping clean up the crumbs from meals to moving in/out of the venue, you’ll do whatever it takes.
  • This role in particular is extremely varied so you need to be happy to turn your hand to just about anything whether that’s fixing a broken bathtub (this happened!) to finding a solution should we run out of food in the middle of lunch.

Top Objectives

  1. Prepare/maintain the venues to the best possible standard given budget and facilities
  2. Be the hub of the community and ensure everyone is treated like the Messiah
  3. Communicate clearly with the rest of the team to ensure everyone knows their roles at events

We Want Someone Who (Qualifications)

The term “fast-paced” can’t keep up with this ten-week internship. It will be overwhelming at times, but you’ll experience more in your time here with us than

  • Has done this: Has successfully ideated, executed and managed complex, multi-day / multi-week events and logistics for 50+ people
  • Loves to put on events for people: Views events as a place where community is built and where humanity is expressed. We’re looking for someone who wakes up in the morning and thinks about how they can design new structures and spaces for people to connect, who loves hosting dinner parties at their house, and who might volunteer to plan a wedding! You live for this stuff!
  • Knows that the “magic is in the details” and pay attention to the small things that make a difference when it comes to pulling off an event
  • Learns fast: Constantly looks around at events for ways to improve them and be aware that the buck stops with you
  • Is able to delegate tasks effectively to get things done efficiently (but right!)
  • Has managed sponsors and VIPs
  • Is able to demonstrate creativity within the events space
  • Has dealt with an event crisis in a calm and speedy manner
  • Is in it for the mission: Has a belief that no task is too small in service of our mission - to empower entrepreneurs to change the world for the better.

Ideally you will have experience:

  • Managing a hotel, chalet or large house
  • Looking after VIPs
  • In customer service

What would you gain?

Compensation You’ll receive a $2,500 stipend for the position to cover your expenses during the summer.

Benefits  |  We offer the following benefits.

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the 5 day program
  • Attend all Unreasonable Events for free
  • Sit in on Mentor workshops which are truly amazing and can only be accessed by Fellows, the Unreasonable team and YOU!
  • Have exposure to Unreasonable Institute’s network of mentors, investors, and world-changing entrepreneurs

Learn  |

We thrive on learning and pushing our boundaries. We do not expect that you will have already done everything this job will entail.  We will support you as you learn new skills along the way, both about mentorship management (i.e. using awesome systems like Asana to make things run smoothly) and for your own growth (i.e. public speaking).

An Unreasonable Network  |  

You'll join the Unreasonable Family of 100+ ventures from around the world, 100+ mentors, 200+ partners, and our core team. Be warned: 8 of our entrepreneurs and one of our chefs have gotten tattoos of the Unreasonable Logo as a testament to how committed they are to the Unreasonable Community! You won't be required to get a tattoo, but we're pretty tight. Just saying!

You'll not only build remarkable friendships that will last you a lifetime, you'll also have the chance to learn from incredible people.

Meaningful Work  |

 We believe in our mission and believe life is too short to work on things you don’t care about.

Where have some of our Previous Mavericks ended up?

  • Meryl (2012) > Community Director at Galvanize
  • Banks (2012) > UI team
  • Sam Solie (2012) > Started own company
  • Natasha (2013) > UI Team and now with a UI venture in Cambodia
  • Hanna Boyd (2013) > Unreasonable.is > Sub Rosa, New York
  • Mark (2013) > Mana Nutrition, a UI Venture
  • Archie (2013-2014) > Singularity University Accelerator in Palo Alto, CA
  • Sean  (2014) > UI Team
  • Krishna (2015) > Acumen in India

What would your work environment be like?

Values-driven team | Be a part of our small team that strives to live the Unreasonable Values in everything we do.  You will work with everyone on the Unreasonable team.

No two days are alike | Given the diversity of projects you will work on, we don’t expect that you will get bored doing the same thing day in and day out.  It’s hard for us to remember 2 days that were the same.

Live in Colorado |

The Unreasonable Institute is based in Boulder, CO (top picture) which is ranked #1 as the happiest, smartest, and foodiest city. A few team members live in Denver, CO (bottom picture).  We are a bit biased, but we think Colorado, with its entrepreneurial ecosystem, its socially conscious community and its outdoor beauty is one heck of an awesome place to live.

In Closing

If you want to work for a team you'll love (we're going out on a limb here :-), do work that makes possible the creation of large-scale impact, build lifelong friends with some of the most remarkable people from around the world, AND get paid for it, what are you waiting for? Apply for this job by Friday 1st of April,  (see next steps below).

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in adapting the world to himself.  Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man (& woman).”

- George Bernard Shaw

Take time to define THE meaningful jobs that would really suit you!