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Posted on 02-10-2016

Social Entrepreneur Corps

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Social Entrepreneur Corps (SE Corps) provides service-learning internships to students from around the world, in which they serve as community consultants for our sister organzations Community Empowerment Solutions (CE Solutions) and Soluciones Comunitarias (SolCom).

Community Enterprise Solutions (CE Solutions) is an award-winning nonprofit organization that was established with the goal of empowering businesses and educating entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities. CE Solutions identifies, trains, equips, and supports individuals and organizations to provide sustainable solutions that address long-standing rural, economic, health, and educational programs. We create access to essential products and services for communities, individuals, organizations, and small businesses throughout rural regions of Latin America.

CE Solutions co-founder and CEO, Greg Van Kirk is a two-time winner of the Ashoka Globalizer Award (2014, 2010), the Schwab Foundation "2012 Social Entrepreneur of the Year for Latin America," the Ashoka Siemens SBDG (2010), and the Ashoka Lemelson Fellow (2008).

Social Entrepreneur Corps works alongside Soluciones Comunitarias, facilitating projects that further develop empowerment in the communities as well as partnerships with other local organizations and initiatives that create social impact. Social Entrepreneur Corps has long worked with groups of undergraduate university students, facilitating eight week and four week programs working alongside Soluciones Comunitarias in the field; more recently, we have been partnering with professionals such as Deloitte and Warby Parker for shorter immersion consulting experiences. Overall, we project over 100 program participants to visit Guatemala in 2016, in different programs of one week, two week, four week, or eight week duration.

We consider Social Entrepreneur Corps to be much more than a volunteer placement organization; SE Corps is committed to providing high-quality consulting and capacity building for the local organizations that we partner with, as well as an enriching educational field experience for program participants. Full-time, year-round staff working with Soluciones Comunitarias and Social Entrepreneur Corps are embedded in the field sites that Social Entrepreneur Corps interns visit, building local relationships and setting up the foundation for projects and programs to harness the strengths and capabilities of SE Corps to respond to real community needs.

We are looking for a Social Entrepreneur Corps Program Manager to oversee administration and logistics of our programs, based out of our central administrative office in Antigua.

Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Overall responsibility for the successful implementation of Social Entrepreneur Corps programs
  • Coordinate with organization leadership to implement overall organizational strategy and goals
  • Work together with existing staff to plan and support program logistics
  • Manage team of supporting field staff
  • Respond to any emergencies that arise during Social Entrepreneur Corps program
  • Prepare impact and progress reports on projects and programs
  • Prepare, implement, and manage program budgets
  • Utilize creative, solutions-based problem solving during any situations that arise
  • Support associated local initiatives with project follow-up


  • 2 years professional experience (minimum) in development work, international studies, business, or education
  • 1 year professional experience (minimum) in management
  • Experience in high-pressure or high-responsibility environments (emergency response)
  • Commitment to the mission and core values of Social Entrepreneur Corps and Community Empowerment Solutions
  • 4-year College Degree (Bachelors or its equivalent)
  • Full fluency in Spanish and English
  • Demonstrated leadership, teamwork, and conflict management skills
  • Professional conduct in work and presentation
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
  • Desire to work with undergraduate university students in an educational mentorship role
  • Flexibility and adaptability with work schedule and project content
  • Self-motivator and ability to take initiative and ownership of work
  • Considerable experience living and working in developing countries, especially in rural areas

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience living and working in Guatemala
  • Experience working in social entrepreneurship
  • Experience working with university undergraduates specifically

Please note that on site job training will be provided.

Time Commitment: Minimum 1 Year, with a three month trial period to start.

For more information please visit our websites at

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