Marketing Manager

Posted on 01-05-2016

Community Incubator

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We are looking for a key marketing person who can hit the ground running in helping us launch a community incubator. We need to start telling our story + intent, and get in front of investor groups. Are you the person to help us? If so, are you flexible with work hours and compensation? Are you willing to start part-time and then join us full-time once we are funded? We are offering a generous compensation package.

We are going to the investor market in early 2016 and are looking to hire an experienced PR and marketing person who will be a key member of our founding team. You need to be an excellent communicator with verbal, analytical, storytelling and presentation skills. Ideal candidate will be a personable, creative + imaginative, responsible, professional self-starter that will focus on designing, developing and engaging a comprehensive marketing program for our community incubator.

Able to help design comprehensive marketing program that develops competitive advantage, help with product + service launches, design/develop/launch advertising across various platforms and multi-channels including print, digital, web-casting, social media, television, radio, etc.

Requires 10-15 years experience in targeting and creating hi-impact media design and production. Ideal candidate has knowledge and understands dynamics of intentional community space and their relationship to the mainstream market. Would be an added bonus if you have a personal desire to help create, develop + live in intentional community.

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