Project Coordinator - "DIALOGUE NOW" International Documentary Festival (First Edition)

Posted on 01-03-2016

Delegations for Dialogue

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We are a non-profit organisation specialising in establishing innovative travel and education opportunities for students passionate about global affairs. We do this primarily through organising academic programmes within the world's most contentious and complex regions (North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, China, India, the Balkans…), with the ultimate aim of understanding the reality behind the headlines.  

We also organize on campus events, such as conference talks on global affairs or « Dialogue Now »  informal conversations with inspiring personalities (artists, activists, professors, entrepreneurs, journalists…) from these world’s most contentious regions. 

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DIALOGUE NOW International Documentary Festival

On April 2016, we will organize our first one-day international documentary festival. Termed DIALOGUE NOW, this festival will screen the best recent documentaries on informal politics and diplomacy in the world’s most contentious regions. To boost our cause in promoting dialogue between the world’s future leaders, we aim at creating a memorable cultural event that gather both French and international student communities in Paris.   


You will - undoubtedly - bring strong value to the DFD Paris team in : 

  • Event Management. Besides the one-day main event, our team will organize few side-animations (conference, drinks, exhibition…). As an event architect, you will take care of logistics, guests and partners. 
  • Partnerships. To make a sizable and sustainable impact, our project needs a strong ecosystem with relevant and like-minded allies that share our cause. You will nurture a virtuous cycle by initiating and/or following-up our partnerships (venue, media, organizations for event co-branding/design…).
  • Crowdfunding. Political neutrality and independence are our main strength to lead our international dialogue cause. Therefore, we do not accept governmental subsidies, neither sponsorships. Therefore, a crowdfunding campaign will be fundamental to raise awareness and money. You will use your creativity and rigor to help the team leading a successful campaign that will meet our funding objectives. 
  • Communication You will take part in the public relations with our community, both online (website, social media, crowdfunding platform) and in real life (print, flyers, events). This will imply planning an ambitious and realistic communication strategy and creating incisive editorial content (articles, leaflets, social media content, teasing, reports…).


  • You are proficient in both English and French;
  • You are animated by a relentless entrepreneurial spirit and committed attitude;
  • You already have experienced a project and/or event management;
  • You are autonomous but can easily report and synchronize with others;
  • Audio and video edition is a plus.


  • Contract : volunteering (repayment of the costs incurred)
  • Start date : as soon as possible. 
  • Time period : Three Months 
  • Involvement : about 5 to 10 hours per week (workload depending on the period)
  • Location : where the DFD Paris team works : Paris, Offycare (36 rue du Caire, Paris 2nd ) and Sciences Po (27 rue Saint-Guillaume, Paris 7th)


  • Once your mission achieved, you will be able to enjoy financial support in our future onsite programs in the world’s most contentious regions, such as North Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Indian, Greater China or the Balkans (
  • You will have full access to the Offycare co-working space, with free seat, Wi-Fi, coffee and nap rooms, and learn from experienced and like-minded entrepreneurs who lead some amazing start-up projects (Officience, Curious,, Coords, La Fabrique Spinoza, Petit Bus…).