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Posted on 12-10-2015

Mondulkiri Forest Venture

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Job opportunity in Cambodia for a business manager for a newly formed social enterprise being supported by WWF. The business manager will be responsible for building out the company's sustainable honey and bamboo business. 

About the organisation:

 The Mondulkiri Forest Venture (MFV) based in Cambodia is the result of a long-standing relationship between WWF Cambodia, local communities and WWF Switzerland. After many years of joint project development and implementation we became aware of the commercial potential of the non-timber forest related work we do. As a coincidence, WWF Switzerland launched its “Impact Ventures@WWF”-Pilot program, offering the opportunity to explore the commercial potential of the NTFPs in Cambodians Eastern Plains in more detail. Eventually, this led to the formation of the Mondulkiri Forest Venture. MFV is owned by 11 individuals from local communities.


MFV sources sustainably harvested honey, resin and bamboo from the wild from a couple of associations. After some processing these resources are sold to national wholesaler or retailers. Whereas wild honey and resin are already established in the market, bamboo is new to the region. A premia included in the selling price is earmarked for covering part of the forest patrolling costs. MFV not only contributes to forest protection but also to income generation for a local ethnic minority being the hub for all commercial honey, resin and bamboo in the region. Through branding, marketing and establishing new selling channels MFV contributes to the development of value chain for sustainably sourced natural products in Cambodia.


The company started its operation early 2015 and it has been registered by end of July 2015 as a limited company. Currently, MFV is in the process of hiring its management team (marketing and sales person already employed) and building up the bamboo business. End of September the venture received a loan from a Swiss development agency focusing on supporting start-ups.


MFV sources sustainably harvested non-timber forest resources from collectors from local villages in the Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mondulkiri Protected Forest. To start with MFV focus on wild honey, resin and bamboo. Over time, other resources such as dried mushrooms or medicinal herbs may broaden the product range. These resources are quality controlled, in cases partly processed, packaged, branded (“Mondulkiri Wild”) and sold to retailers and wholesalers mostly in Cambodia. This not only creates income and jobs for ethnic minorities but also augments a forest conservation fund based on a price premium included in the product price. In the medium term MFV aims at having its products certified as well (the most appropriate labels still need to be identified). 


Major Function:


The Business Manager is responsible in the overall operation of the business activity of MFV which includes marketing, dealing with clients, and product suppliers, financial management, and overall management of day to day operation of the business.


Major Responsibilities


1.      Overall responsibility for the operational business activity of MFV

2.      Coordinate and organize meetings and activities of Mondulkiri Forest Venture (MFV)

3.      Develop monthly and annual action plan of MFV;

4.      Share new information with the members of MFV;

5.      Overall responsibility for the quality and quantity of the products. Approve the activity report, financial statements, documents, and requests of staff;

6.      Prepare and submit activity and financial reports (monthly, quarterly, and annual reports) for Board Members, partner organizations, investors and relevant institutions if necessary and as requested;

7.      Cooperate and attend all meetings, training sessions and workshops as necessary or required by the BOD and partner organizations provided priority activities are not compromised;

8.      Overall responsibility for product development

9.      Preparation of business plans of MFV;

10.  Develop strategic plans together with the BOD

11.  Develop product marketing, as needed, conduct value chain studies or analysis when needed for new products.

12.  Provide technical expertise on the management of products, marketing, and sales;

13.  Monitor and evaluate the process, marketing, finance and product management;

14.  Liaise with governmental agencies and members of MFV Board and its Advisory Board as needed.

15.    Staff management


Working Relationships

1.      Interact on regular basis with MFV Board of members, MFV board of Advisers, MFV project partners such as WWF Cambodia, WWF Switzerland, NTFP-EP, and NatureWild

2.      Interact with Government agencies at national, provincial, district, and commune levels, as well as other NGO partners, communities, and other stakeholders. Some interaction with donors may be required.

3.      Regular interaction with partners companies of MFV




1.      Minimum bachelor degree in Business Management with minimum 3 years of business management experience and sales and marketing experience

2.      Knowledgeable on non-timber forest products and related by-products

3.      At least three year experience in managerial level

4.      Self-motivated, resourceful, sales oriented and result driven with knowledge of customer relationship management and strong drive to achieve sales target

5.      Excellent communication skills and proficiency in oral and written English

6.      Willing to be based in Mondulkiri province with occasional trip to Phnom Penh or other parts of Cambodia

7.      Dedicated to meet and exceed customer expectations

8.      Willing to travel to remote villages in Mondulkiri

9.      Ability to work with local communities or have experience in working with communities 

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