Laboratory, testing and technology manager

Posted on 11-21-2015


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Prakti is looking for a Laboratory, testing and technology manager to lead the cookstove research and testing in Prakti lab in India.

Prakti is a social enterprise, which develops and distributes clean and efficient charcoal and wood cookstoves. Prakti stoves protect forest and environment by reducing consumption of charcoal and wood as fuel for cooking. Prakti stoves also protect users health by reducing toxic smoke produced by traditional cookstoves.

Prakti is currently selling cookstoves in India, and exporting abroad.

Job description

The position is full-time and based near Auroville and Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu, India.


The Laboratory, testing and technology manager will:

o   Manage the testing work on stoves

o   Do Research & Development and design of combustion technologies

o   Use, maintain and purchase the laboratory equipment

o   Manage the fundamental and applied research on stoves and combustion




o   Applied science and testing skills and experience

o   Experience with laboratory work

o   Good math skills

o   Advance Excel user



o   Experience and good understanding of combustion

o   Knowledge of complementary softwares such as Lab View

o   Knowledge of material science

o   Research and development skills

o   Knowledge of test and emission measuring equipment, combustion and gas analysers (ENERAC, Portable Emission Measurement System, etc.)

o   Data analysis and reporting


Prakti is an equal opportunity organization: female candidates encouraged to apply.