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Posted on 08-18-2015


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MakeSense is a worldwide community which promotes and supports social entrepreneurs’ impactful projects connecting them with people ready to offer them time, ideas and skills to help them solve their challenges.

Indeed, social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing issues. We believe in their ability to create sustainable solutions to solve social and environnmental issues.

The mission of MakeSense is to turn the talents, skills and connections of thousands of individuals around the world into unique superpowers to help Social Entrepreneurs.

To do so, we have developed two main tools:

- An online platform,, where every social entrepreneur can post their concrete challenges. Ex : Which marketing actions could help me promote my solution? How to find the perfect cofounder to take my project to the next level? How to frame my crowfunding campaign ? etc.Every citizen, from 10 to 99 years old can give ideas online to solve the challenges.

- Real-life workshops and events during which volunteers gather and brainstorm to design concrete solutions to the challenge. Anybody can decide to organize a workshop for a challenge and be trained with our methodology to do so.

So far, MakeSense mobilized more than 20 000 volunteers in 100+ cities to solve more than 1000 challenges of social entrepreneurs.



To make it happen, Community Developers are working all over the world to source social entrepreneurs and connect them with volunteers willing to help them. We locally mobilize citizens and train them to make their engagement fun and impactful.

Current community Developers are based in Asia (from Manille,Philippines), in Latin America (from Mexico City, Mexico), in Europe (from Paris, France) and in Africa (from Dakar, Senegal).


Social entrepreneurship is emerging in Lebanon, and more broadly in the Arabic World. In order to accelerate the development of MakeSense ecosystem and engage every stakeholder (citizens, universities, corporates, NGOs, public authorities, etc), MakeSense is partnering with a Lebanese local association called L’Atelier -المشغل   (“El-Machghal” - Association Libanaise pour le Développement Culturel, Social et  Educatif), and financed by la Fondation des Cèdres.

Together, we are looking for a creative individual, passionate about social entrepreneurship to take the position of MakeSense Lebanese Community Developer for the next 15 months.



Your role would be :

●      Raise awareness about social entrepreneurship in Lebanon and more broadly Arabic world by making visible the social entrepreneurs and their challenges

●      Continuously find ways to connect citizens with the social entrepreneurs and the challenges they face

●      Mobilize, train and empower local citizens for them to be active volunteers through, regular follow-up, advice and meetings

●      Engage all the stakeholders in the Lebanese society who can play a role in this ecosystem

●      Make Makesense a neutral platform for exchange and collaboration


After a proper training (1 month in Paris offices) you will :

•       Source & frame challenges of social entrepreneurs

•       Support the community of volunteers in creating and formalizing methods to crack and solve all types of challenges

•       Create & implement communication campaigns to mobilize on social media

•       Deliver trainings to volunteers, both onffline and online

•       Lead the organization of events to identify and help social entrepreneurs

•       Manage and create new partnerships in Lebanon and the Arabic World

•       Assess and follow up the social impact of the projects with MakeSense members.

You will work hand in hand with the 4 other Community Developers in World and under the responsibility of the Community Developper Coordinator based in Paris. You will report on a weekly basis to MakeSense on the tasks achieved, ongoing activities, etc.



•     Fluent in Arabic and English (French is a plus) 

•     You are passionate about Social Business

•     Vital: Flexibiliy  in hours! You don’t mind working with flexible hours, you are objective oriented, you don’t want an 8 to 5 job but rather a highly interesting one

•     You have successfully managed project involving different kind of organizations : corporates, public institutions, student associations

•     One year of professional experience (internships included): experience in Innovation positions & understanding of design thinking highly appreciate

•     You have excellent communication skills and already made presentations and talks in public

•     You apply the rules of the lean start-up in any initiative you take. You thrive in fast paced and uncertain environment

•     You have an engaging personality and the ability to mobilize people on your projects

•     You're a professional networker & connector

•     You're autonomous but can easily report and synchronize with others

•     You are ready & able (Lebanese passport updated) to travel to France in case requested.



•     Fixed-term job from October 2015 to December 2016

•     Job based in Beirut after 1 month training in Paris

•     Around  2000 $ remuneration (depending on the level of experience)

Take time to define THE meaningful jobs that would really suit you!