Water conservation and efficiency expert

Posted on 07-24-2015

Auroville Consulting

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Give your opportunity a title

Water conservation and efficiency expert 

Explain the opportunity, outcome, and work

The volunteer will support us in ongoing water audits and monitoring for residential and institutional buildings at Auroville. Give recommendation and reports for water efficiency interventions and may support in the implementation of the same.

How will you know if this project is a success?

Continuous water consumption monitoring of all buildings will indicate whether interventions are successful and water consumption of buildings audited reduced. 

Where will this opportunity take place?

Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India 

What cause will this opportunity support?

Responsible water management, water security,

 What industry will this opportunity support?


When should experteers apply by?

Any time (constant need) 

When is the ideal start date of this project?

Any time (constant need)

What is the minimum length of time you are willing to host an experteer?

3 months


This is a volunteering position. No salaries provided.  No bed and breakfast provided. Lunch provided.

 Are you willing to interview outstation candidates?



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