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Work, travel, study in developing countries


Are you looking for a life changing challenge? We have an offer for you – education that is connected with travelling and volunteering. You can choose one of our One World Center (OWC) programs which have durations from 5 to 36 months. Participation not only allows you to access knowledge that is needed for a meaningful life in the 21. century, but also to get a qualification as a climate activist, development instructor or even a bachelor degree in pedagogy.


OWC unites 4 schools in 3 countries - in Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom, but the practical part is held in Africa, India, Latin America or Caribbean. During studies the students travel and participate in volunteer work, supporting the local communities and improving their living conditions.


To join OWC you do not need any special skills, except high motivation to make world a better place for all of us. You need to be at least 18 years old and to have Basic English knowledge. You have to finance the enrollment fee. You do not have to be rich, which means you can raise the study fee by working during the program or in a pre-course before program starts.


In the year of 2015, you can join OWC for the following study programs:

In august:

·         Fighting with the Poor, 24 months, Lindersvold in Denmark or England;

In September:

·         Bachelor in Pedagogy, 36 months, Tvind in Denmark;

·         Fighting with the Poor, 24 months, Norway;

·         Climate activist in Caribbean, 9 months, Lindersvold in Denmark

·         Climate activist in Latin America, 8,5 months, Norway;

In November:

·         Fighting with the Poor, 18 months, Lindersvold in Denmark or England;



How to apply?
To receive more information, visit the OWC webpage and fill out the application form or send us an e-mail to You will be contacted by our consultants in the upcoming days. Join us and let’s fight together for our future and our planet!
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