"Alternance Community Manager"


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Job description
At danone.communities we believe that it is possible to tackle pressing social issues thanks to new business and leadership models. Our vision : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGTjDxsHZ_g
Today we fund 10 projects in 7 countries (India, China, Cambodge, Senegal,   Mexico, France, Bangladesh) and reach 1 million beneficiaries. 
To achieve our goals, setting new business standards and reaching a wider   social impact on issues of malnutrition and access to water, we are convinced   that we need to contribute to the growing movement of social business. 
That is why we want to promote, not only our projects, but also the values   and learnings of social business. The community manager will reach out to   social business fans online and in real life, through cutting-edge web   initiatives, interactive meet-ups and conferences. Those meet-ups can be   local or international, with smaller and bigger crowds. New smart media can   be set up such as a wiki radio :   https://soundcloud.com/dcandfriends
Through this experience the community manager will be immersed in an   influential movement, develop entrepreneurial postures, grow in collaborative   leadership skills.
  • Job description
“Strengthen the off-line/on-line identity of   danone.communities and manage various communities within interactive events.
  1. Participate to the design of our general “off-line/on-line” strategy:   several important conferences, partners’ events, roadshow within Danone,   monthly conferences and meet-ups outside Danone (in France/ abroad)
  2. Manage all the process to build up these events: concept, key guests,   venue and logistics, interactions and experiences, invitations, follow-up
  3. Coordinate and animate our communities of fans (Focus on : fans of social   business, students, individual investors)
  4. Participate to the animation our on-line community through periodic   articles about our events and the general monitoring around social innovation   events: content (post, photo, video, interview, agendas) for our blogs,   groups (facebook), newsletter.
  5. Research, analyse, write and share contents to build impactful   conversations around social business
  6. Co-identify and test new technologies to manage several communities and   empower their members, before/during/after events (from data base to mobile   app or video streaming)
  7. Co-design a strategy where we can facilitate the contribution of internal   and external communities (recruit new activists + students mainly; and   subscribers, Danone shareholders, intellectuals, partners, general public,   projects teams) in this mission. Advice and assist them to contribute.

  • Desired Skills
- Good understanding of Social business issues   ; integrated into social innovation grassroots movements
- Creativity and reactivity, ability to generate new ideas
- Inquisitive personality, enthusiastic about social business, innovation and   web2.0 dynamics
- At ease with web2.0 tools: blog, facebook, twitter, RSS… Familiarity with   web tools (basic skills with graphic design applications such as Photoshop,   web admin tools and HTML code)
- Organization, anticipation
- Autonomy, initiative
- “Doers” attitude
- At ease in an international environment
- Fully fluent English, French, and good writing skills

How to apply?
To apply : http://linkd.in/1P1RNSy
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  • Posted on 04-28-2015
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