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Posted on 03-16-2015

Grameen Veolia Water Ltd

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Description of the project

Veolia and Grameen Health Care Service created in 2008 a new social business named Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. Its objective is to distribute drinking water to poor people of Bangladesh living in arsenic contaminated and rural areas. Since the signature of the Joint Venture Agreement, a plant has been created and 3 branches of network have been implemented. In 2015, 110 water accesses are used by the local population to drink WHO standard water instead of the arsenic contaminated one.

In the meantime, GVW developed a new urban market in selling 20L water container to companies and private customers in urban area. This added value product and the benefits we face, allow GVW to invest again in the rural area.

Now the main challenge of GVW is to grow the activities (+30% in 2014) to reach the financial breakeven.

Job responsibilities
  • Pilot GVW team on rural area development : coordination of rural team activity, test new solution to improve rural water consumption
  • Supervise GVW jar business development: supervise commercial manager activities, develop new tools to improve commercial efficiency, develop high level commercial relations for the jar business
  • Develop/test new segments linked to GVW activities in rural area (energy for instance) and in urban areas (new service offer to differentiate with the competitors)
  • Contribute to GVW development strategy by working on the business plan, working on new strategic partnerships, new areas

  • Reporting to Head Office : financial and extra financial reporting.
  • Knowledge transfer
Profile required
  • Educational background: Business/Marketing/Strategy background.
  • Skills: Motivated by social business issues and/or has a social innovation background / Aware of development issues in developing countries
  • Languages: English speaking
  • Other: Open minded / Organized