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Job description

Presentation of ‘TENOLI’


There are 1 million mom&pop stores (‘tienditas’) in Mexico (incl. 150,000 in Mexico City) that are serving 100 million customers daily. Mostly informal, these tiendas are excluded by the government and from the markets.


Founded by 2 former MPA/IDs (Rodrigo Sanchez and Thomas Ricolfi, class of 2014), TENOLI aims at helping these tiendas increase their productivity and grow their way out of poverty.




TENOLI connects private companies, local government and NGOs to micro-businesses in Mexico.


We open physical centers to offer the tienditas and other micro-businesses capacities, protection and business opportunities. Starting in February 2015, we will run a pilot in Iztapalapa, from our first center. We will target a network of 50 tiendas to test different services and run an “acceleration program”. Together with local and private partners, we will run a growth diagnosis at the micro level; identify their main barriers to inclusion and growth; test different services and products to improve their income.


You can find more information on:

-          our website:

-          our crowdfunding campaign:




Presentation of the program (February – August)


Our pilot program is divided into 3 stages.

1. Fieldwork with the tiendas [February-April]


For the first stage, several teams of Mexican students, supervised by Tenoli’s management team, will work on a daily basis with the tienditas for:

·         Data collection, problem identification and growth diagnosis at the tiendita’s level

·         Designing and implementing solutions with our partners (Mexico City government, service providers, large multinational companies) at the tiendita’s level

2. Data analysis and Evaluation – [May-June]


We will work with data analysts to:

·         Implement a trustful impact evaluation with the first tienditas involved in the program

·         Lead thorough data analysis with aggregated data from all the tiendas– growth diagnosis at the center level (50 tienditas), analysis of common trends and correlation, identification of main barriers to growth, identification of main drivers of growth for the micro-businesses

·         Mapping of the main problems, route optimization and improving urban management and design to provide the local government with better information and improve the provision of public services.

·         Spatial analysis of the area using geographic software and a mobile application that collects data with geographical reference.

3.  Expansion of the program [July-August]


Relying on the previous data analysis, we will both lead a marketing campaign to reach out to more tienditas and design an expansion plan.


Marketing Campaign

·         Experimentation and definition of a pitch for the tienditas

·         Design of marketing tools to reach out and build trust with more tienditas


Strategic planning and Expansion

·         Business plan and strategies to increase impact

·         Partnership with the relevant partners

·         Focus on the core services and products identified previously


Student’s Mission


We are looking for students with strong quantitative background, management skills and prior field experience to help us with the supervision of Mexican students’ teams (March-May), the data analysis (May-June) and the design of our expansion plan (July-August).


The students will work directly with the management team and interact with all Tenoli’s partners: Mexico City Government, Service providers (MFIs, NGOs, Tel companies, etc) and MNCs.


They will be full responsible of (1) developing customized solutions for the mom&pop stores, (2) implementing data collection and evaluation tools and (3) drafting an expansion plan with the management team.


This is a unique opportunity to work on the field and help micro-enterprises become more competitive and sustainable. The students’ work will directly impact the owner of the small tiendas, their consumers and all the stakeholders that interact with the tiendas. They will contribute to one of the key drivers of Mexico’s growth the productivity of micro-enterprises. 



Logistics & security

·         Working places: [structure level]head office in the historical centre / [field] Center and Tiendas in Iztapalapa

·         The location of our center has been carefully selected for security reasons, and we are working closely with the local government to provide us full support

·         All work expenses and daily meals covered


Skills required


·         Spanish & English

·         Strong quantitative and data analysis skills

·         Will to work in a challenging environment with high social impact

·         Prior exposure to fieldwork in developing countries

·         Ability to adapt quickly to a start-up environment

·         Very autonomous, proactive and responsible

·         Strong interpersonal skills

·         These specific skills are definitely a plus:

o   Experience in impact evaluation,

o   Mapping software (e.g. ArcGIS),

o   Retail & distribution

How to apply?
For more information about TENOLI or the program, please contact: or To apply to the program, please send a resume and a short cover letter (a paragraph or two) to
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