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Posted on 09-08-2014

Eternum Energy

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About the company

Eternum Energy is an inclusive business (social start-up) currently based in London that aims at providing energy in every low-income community by empowering village entrepreneurs with business and technology solutions. We recently developed the SOLARIS Incubation Programme with the support of our partner GVEP International. An initiative based on both smart technology and capacity building approach that is offered through lease to any motivated individual, regardless of his assets or degrees. See the presentation Eternum in 2 pages to have a clear insight of our value proposition (

The first programme will be launched in Mwanza region (North of Tanzania) by October 2014 and is expected to be the kick-starter of our operations in the country. We hope many SOLARIS will get in many countries after that such as Malawi or Burkina Faso.

To support our activities we rely on capacities to involve Europeans to support our action through different mechanisms. Here come 3 examples:

·       Crowd funding: we are currently setting up a crowd funding campaign to support the first programme development. If this initiative is successful, we would intend a lending-based platform on our next website on order to finance the lease approach.

·       Open innovation: we will be starting soon a platform where makers and any other good willing participants would be challenged to co-innovation with us the next products to go to the field and support village entrepreneurs.

·       Giving back to westerns as much as we learn: we want to set up processes from which any SOLARIS big supporter (crowd funder for instance) may have every month some information from specific village entrepreneur he may have helped. Something like a report where you would find the business performance of the month, some insights about what marketing tricks he is implementing and where you can bring some tips of yours.


Key tasks to be run by the COMMUNITY DEVELOPER for a 6 months internship starting in October based in Valencia (Yes we plan on moving the company to Spain very soon!)

We need someone to gather communities around crowd funding and crowd sourcing projects in order to feed our downstream activities. You would answer directly to “Top management” and your main tasks would be to: 

-       Communication – Spread the SOLARIS brand image and manage the content/messages we want to get to any potential supporter.

-       Marketing – Master the crowd supporter’s profile so we are always aware about whom they are and what they need, what they expect from us in terms of experience. And thus be able of increasing our digital presence.

-       Monitoring – Supervise the data gathered from campaigns and recommend update to the community approach according to results.

-       Strategy – You are the one in charge! Make recommendations and set up ambitious plans.

Candidate profile

-       Entrepreneurial mind-set, not afraid to take initiatives or make proposals following a lean start-up approach.

-       Self-motivated and passionate about developing world projects and social business.

-       You are fluent in speaking, writing and reading English.

-       Notions of French and/or Spanish an advantage.

-       Marketing acumen.

-       Technical insight an advantage.

-       Previous experience in marketing/community management.



-       All business related expenses paid.

-       Monthly stipend.

-       Possibilities to extend the collaboration after the internship (employment position).

Small extra!

We are ambitious and want to accomplish big things. However, we don’t take life too seriously and enjoy working and going out together. Thus, as long as you are committed to improve the model and the impact of Eternum, you can challenge this job description to had/modify specific tasks or even come and work with flip-flaps if it pleases you!

So here comes the “manifesto” of Eternum (sort of), in case it can either convince you to come or to certainly not do it!

  1. We are following a Robin Hood spirit; we are harnessing knowledge and money from communities who have it to foster communities who have not.
  2. We are committed to do less harm than good for the environment.
  3. We shall never exploit 7-year-old labor.
  4. We are not a charity we are an inclusive startup designing energy and business solutions.
  5. We have no respect for the status quo.
  6. We are committed to each other.
  7. We make reliable and open technology to improve the life of people and solve problems, not create ones.
  8. We are committed to our customers; they are our Best Customer Forever (BCF).
  9. Don’t be on fire. If you are, go cool down in the swimming pool (to be built soon).
  10. When we’ll have proper salaries, we’ll make a rule about salaries. Same thing about profits.

Take time to define THE meaningful jobs that would really suit you!