Volunteer for 3 months minimum

Posted on 07-08-2014

StarShea Limited

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The volunteer will be assisting in all operational activities ongoing during his presence, depending on the season:

·         Shea processors registration / training

·         Production supervision, reception and loading with traceability tools

·         Technical support of the staff in ICT: laptop management, excel training, traceability tool training

·         Reporting system on excel: synthesis per district, payment documents, reception files creation, statistics


Some support tasks will be assigned on certification; sales and marketing

·         Filing certification documentation or training documentation, filling in certification forms and reports

·         Quality management: Samples gathering, storing, sending, filing analysis

·         Commercial support: communication support to develop (website, facebook page, leaflet..)

·         Administration: support in organizing ^presence in fairs,  international trips,


Specific projects might be assigned depending on strategic priorities (implementation of new buying  model, feasibility study for a processing unit, implementation of the processing unit, measure of the social impact,  ..)

Take time to define THE meaningful jobs that would really suit you!