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Gold of Bengal

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Job description

The Gold Of Bengal project is conducting research in Bangladesh on the use of a new composite material with a jute fibre base, which may show great promise on the socio-ecologic and economic fronts. It might be able to replace the synthetic composites partially or totally while revitalizing the jute industry which is currently in decline. GOB is studying all the development aspects of this innovation by making Research and Development on : the material itself, its mechanical properties and its ecological impact, the production chain associated with the innovation, the economic and social impact of the project. The technology transfer aims at accelerate this innovation development, while beneficiating to the local population. 

The mission: Ensure the project development 

OBJ 1 : Define the strategic position of the project to ensure the realization of its global objective and its sustanable profitability. 

- Analyze and understand the project's context and the innovation

- Study the market and procede to comercial prospection

- Establish partnerships necessary to the objective realization (jute industrials, composite industrials, scientifical partners) 

OBJ 2 : Ensure the project visibility and the industrial interest, locally in Bangladesh and internationally

-  Create or actualize communication tools (web page, brochures.)

-  Organize or participate to events (conferences, showrooms..)

-  Frame the media presence

 OBJ 3: Manage the human and economic resources

-  Ensure the research of funds (participate to competitions, foundations calls) 

-  Ensure the administrative and financial management of the project

-  Recruit and manage the human resources

-   Frame the partnership relations

The mission field is flexible and can be adapted to the needs or your initiatives. 

How to apply?
Please, send an email to Julie at with cv and letter!
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